Most Popular Women’s Sports In Australia


Popular sports are not just something that men engage in, but also women. In fact, there are several different types of sports that women are interested in. The following article will cover some of Australia’s most famous women’s sports.

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Australian Rules Football

Australian Rules Football is a team sport played by two teams of 18 on an oval-shaped field. It is another popular sport in Australia, with about 1 million people regularly playing in national leagues. Many women participate in this sport, finding it quite fun and enjoyable to play.

The game combines some elements of soccer and rugby but also has its own unique features like four quarters, with timeouts for injuries or for drinks breaks during play.

It’s considered a contact sport where you can tackle players from both your team and those from the other side – so you have to be quick on your feet.

Australian rules football is played at breakneck speeds. There are no goalkeepers; instead, there are 6 field goals who line up behind 12 men on offense or defense when they take possession of the ball (known as kicking).


Netball is a team sport played by two teams of seven players. It is most prevalent in Australia and New Zealand but is also played to some extent in various other countries.

The sport originated in England as an after-school game for girls. The name comes from the tennis ball used to hit the ball into the net.

Netball has been included in every Commonwealth Games since 1950 and was played at this year’s Olympics for the first time ever. Netballers have become famous worldwide thanks to their skills, athleticism, and beauty.


Cricket is the most popular sport in Australia. It’s played during summer and involves a bat, ball, and field. Teams of 11 players each take turn batting and bowling.

The aim is to score more runs than the opposition team by hitting the ball between wickets (placed on opposite sides of a 22-yard pitch) or hitting it beyond boundaries marked at either end of the ground.

Cricket was first played as early as 1744 at Cooper’s Hill near London; since then, it has become one of Australia’s most famous pastimes.

Most Australian sports fans enjoy watching cricket matches on television from their lounge rooms with family members or friends, and even those who don’t know much about cricket often enjoy watching when there’s an exciting match.

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Basketball is the most popular women’s sport in Australia, and it is a team sport on a rectangular court with five players per side.

Basketball is very vibrant in Australia; it was introduced as an indoor game when other sports were not possible due to harsh weather conditions; however, it quickly became popular among both men and women because everyone can enjoy playing this fantastic sport regardless of skill level. It has grown to be an enterprise today where women can make a career.

Each team tries to score by throwing the ball through their opponent’s hoop, preventing them from achieving. The game also involves many physical contacts, making it exciting to watch.

The ball used in basketball is similar to a soccer ball but smaller and rounder. The official size of the basketball is between 7 and 8 inches (17-20 cm) in diameter, but there are different brands available for those who want something more customized to their needs.


Tennis is another popular sport in Australia among women. The game is played on a professional and amateur level, and tennis is played in the Summer Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, and Asian Games.

In the 1870s, tennis was introduced to Australia at a local club in Melbourne. The Australian Open (also known as simply “the Open”) is one of four annual grand slam tournaments that are held each year.

At the same time, Wimbledon is another major tournament held annually, and it has been hosted severally in Australia too. Roland Garros (French Open) and US Open offer prize money for winners but not as much as their counterparts mentioned above.


The softball game consists of batting and throwing balls between two teams of nine players. The offense tries to score runs by batting a ball into play and running around four bases on the field (a third base, first base, second base, and home plate), while the defense attempts to prevent runs from being scored and put out or retire all runners.

The softball diamond has three bases at one end; at the other is a pitcher’s circle with rubber, also called the home plate. In between are two foul lines that extend down each side of the field.

The outfields are defined by three outfield fences extending from home plate to the first, second, and third bases. Each player has an assigned position on defense before every pitch: one person must be at each work (pitcher, catcher).


Swimming is also a popular sport in Australia among women and a multi-sport discipline that can be competed at the local, national and international levels. If you want to get involved in swimming, all you need is some determination and dedication.

You can choose many swimming strokes, including front crawl and breaststroke. These two strokes are known as ‘styles’ because they involve different styles of movement compared to one another.

The crawl stroke is more agile than other styles, so it’s perfect for people who want speed but don’t have much stamina or endurance.

However, if you want something more challenging, try the backstroke – this one uses rhythmic arm movements, which will help improve your technique over time.

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Hockey is popular in Australia, and women like it a lot. It’s played on an oval pitch, which makes the ball bounce unpredictably. The game is played by teams that have six players each.

The first team to score six goals wins a match. If neither team scores during extra time, the game ends as a draw.


Australia’s women’s sports scene is among the most exciting and engaging worldwide. Hundreds of sports are played by Australians, from rugby union to cricket, netball, and more. Here are some of the most famous women’s sports in this country.

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