Polling Stations Buzz – Brexit is Coming

Polling Stations Buzz – Brexit is Coming

Polling stations nationwide are absolutely buzzing; The United Kingdom is at fever pitch with excitement. First of all, Brexit is coming; provides an overwhelming sense of relief is evident with every vote leave cast. For years the silent majority of British working people have felt betrayed. This betrayal included flooding the cities with unskilled migrants, furthermore, huge swaths of British taxpayer’s cash transferred to undemocratic institutions of the European Union. Today is the day the British people unify and say no-more.

Outside polling stations across the country, via Twitter and Facebook I am hearing an unstoppable message, Brexit is coming. The excitement, collaboration and co-operation between British people is reminiscent of the good old days. Furthermore, Brexit is about “what can I do for you” not “what I can get from you”. The old ways are coming to an end thanks to social media; increased communication has given a forum to the like-minded majority who have come together and will not be quelled. As the tempo increases throughout the day and exciting builds, hear the words Brexit is coming.

Polling Stations Buzz – Brexit is coming
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Project Fear Has Failed – Brexit is Coming

Fear, not the naysayers, the doom-mongers the Remainiacs, unfortunately, they are entitled to an opinion, however ill-informed. The Brexit offers the people a chance, a chance for democracy, self-determination and taking back control of your homeland. Make no mistake, Brexit is not the end, Brexit it the beginning of a new dawn. Reformat home is needed, huge cuts in foreign aid needed among many other major issues however this is not with the scope of this article.

Finally, know this and take heart, numerous valuable sources are describing an almost feverish passion from the Brexiteers.  Consequently do and down this great nation (London excluded) the message is getting louder Vote Leave. Brexit is coming has grown from a whisper; it has become a deafening shout, so deafening that Westminster will shake its very foundations, for tomorrow is when the war begins.

 Brexit is coming

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Britain Elects with a large demographic 25,163 for leave, but get out and fight, its not over until its over.

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