Politics – Social Media has taken over the traditional media; everything that happens in our day to day life is consumed on our smartphones and computers. Gone are the days when people used to rush home from work to catch the 7 or 9 o’clock news. Times have changed the new media has taken over all over the world. Politics has not been left behind and its now shrinking to fit in our smart phones, social media has developed a new way to influence society, Barrack Obamas election campaign in 2008, “occupy wall street and the Egyptian revolution or Arab spring in the middle east  all had one thing in common  “influence of social media.”

Politics – Social Media – The power of sharing

The power of social media today is based on interaction and participation, which is mostly based on social aspects. In political campaigns creating a strategy is now an essential part of any candidate running for office and it’s important for candidates to get connected, it provides a great communication gateway to be in touch with a large number of voters faster and at a low cost as part of social strategy politician should post interesting post to engage followers.

On a more positive side, social media has helped to break the barriers between a politician and voters according to a study done by Ipsos mori and kings college London, the report found out that voters had mixed attitudes towards the impact of social media and political debates

Politics – Social Media – Aussie Trends

Most Australians are using social media as a source of information and this will likely influence the Australian federal election 2nd July 2016 people are empowered by technology to be politically expressive through political posts, articles and memes .

Malcolm and Bill Shorten are both active on social media the two candidates have a great chance to interact with voters and win their trust and market them self’s

Australia has become a key platform in communication according to Australian bureau of statistics; there are now approximately 24 million Australians. This means that 62.25% of the total Australian population has a face book account.

Social media in politics has made elected officials and candidate running for public office to be more accountable, they also have a chance to raise large sums of money in a short period of time using social media campaigns. However politicians are more vulnerable online because there is no separation between public and private life resulting to scandals because they are unable to control the conversation.

Twitter in Australia: Aussie Social


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