Pokies or Slots: Can I Play for Real Money?

Aussies and Brits have been playing online slots for real money for ages. The TLDR on this topic is that not only can you win real money when playing in the UK and Australia, but you can win a life-changing amount of real money. The UK is the 5th largest online gambling country in the world. But don’t worry; Australia has its own claim to fame regarding online gambling, as it has the highest spending amount among participating gamblers.  

Gambling For Real Money in Australia

More recently, it was reported that an Aussie online pokies player won a massive $8.2 million. Unfortunately, the gentleman did not want to share his winning secrets with the press; besides that, he was playing at one of the best online pokies in Australia

If you have been wondering what the wildest jackpot scoops are in Australian history. Four massive amounts have been won at Australian online casinos:

  • 2012 – $67 million 
  • 2014 – $74 million
  • 2015 – $80 million
  • 2017 – $58 million

It has been reported that as high as 80% of the Aussie population have a go at online pokies. In fact, so many Australians have spent some extra dosh on playing online pokie that the Australian banks had to increase the national interest rate. 

Australia also offers a relatively significant amount of safety while playing at online casinos. Admittedly, it is not as robust as the UK equivalent; however, it still provides an amount of protection that will allow you to breathe easily when playing online. Good on them, mate!

Gambling For Real Money In The UK

 Thanks to the massive rise in popularity of online gambling in the UK, it has a ton of exciting things to explore real money slots in UK online casinos.

The UK is probably the safest country to partake in online gambling thanks to its strict regulatory body, the UKGC. As a result, the UK has become the golden standard and a leading example to other countries in legalising online gambling.

UK players enjoy complete freedom regarding how, when, and where they would like to gamble, whether that is placing bets on current sporting events or playing online slots or pokies. All without having to worry their noggins about if the sites are legal and safe to use, as all bookie and casino websites are legally obligated to be fully licensed and give easy access to that information to their punters.

With all this security and freedom of choice, does this imply that British gamers are not profitable? Indeed, they do! The biggest wins in British history are:

  • £13.2 million
  • £7.9 million  
  • £6.3 million
  • £6.2 million

All of these winners were within the last decade. Most wished to stay anonymous, making it hard to determine when and how they happened. The most heart-warming record is a Scottish gentleman who won £6.3 million on his first spin of the reels. He contacted family members as he thought he was a scam victim before he realized his life was changed forever.



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