Pink Lake in Australia – Is Lake Hillier Still Pink in 2022?

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There are many natural wonders on the Earth that can leave you spellbound. Australia is blessed to have a maximum of them. These wonders in Australia, are sure to leave you awestruck. They are unbelievable and phenomenal. The Pink Lake is one of them. Lake Hillier is a world-famous pink lake, which I believe is the most popular of them all. It remains pink all year round, so visitors can enjoy it all year long.

This bubble gum pink lake is breathtakingly beautiful. For a second, you would not believe that, something so beautiful and rare can exist in this world. This lake is known as Lake Hillier.

lake Hillier is a normal salt lake. The thing that distinguishes it from the rest of the salt lakes is its pink color. The lake looks one of its kind due to the bubblegum pink hue. It looks phenomenal.

Location of Pink Lake

The Hillier Lake is located on the edge of the Middle Island, the largest island of Recherche Archipelago in the Goldfields-Esperance region in Western Australia. The lake is about 2 mi (3 km) west to Esperance. It is bounded by the South Coast Highway on its East.

History of Pink Lake

The first journal entry of this lake is found in the journals of Matthew Flinders. This explorer first visited the lake on 15the of January 1802. When Flinders was ascending the highest peak of the island, he saw the pink lake and dedicated a description of this lake in his journal.

Flinders named the lake after the investigator’s crew member, William Hillier, who died on 20 May 1803 of dysentery, prior to the departure of the expedition from the Middle Island.

In the late 19th century, salt mining was done on this lake, but it failed.

The lake is now a part of the Recherche Archipelago Nature Reserve, a protected area.

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Attributes of Pink Lake

The lake is around 600 m long. It is surrounded on all sides by dense woodlands and sand. It is separated by the blue coloured Southern Ocean by a strip of vegetation and sand dunes. The aerial view of this wonder looks stunning.

The actual reason of the pink colour of this lake has been unclear, but scientists believe that the colour is due to the reaction of sodium bicarbonate and sea salt or is due to the red halophilic bacteria present in the salt crusts. The reason could also be the dye produced by the organisms Halobacteria and Dunaliella salina.

Things To Do

The best thing you can do in the pink lake is to swim. Well, you must be wondering, if it is a safe option to swim in a pink coloured, unusual lake? The answer is a yes. The lake is safe to swim. Swimming in a pink coloured lake is an altogether different and thrilling experience.

To witness the actual beauty of the lake, take a helicopter ride. The helicopter view of this lake cannot be described in words.

To visit the lake, take a cruise and also see the dense forests. Standing at the shore and watching this pink coloured lake is an amazing experience in itself.


Dunaliella salina is the only living organism surviving in the Lake Hillier.

Have u been to pink lake send in some images and commented below the title image is for illustration purposes on and does not reflect the actual lake?

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