Picture Perfect – 100 Comments to make about Photographs

Picture Perfect – 100 Comments to make about Photographs

Picture Perfect – 100 Comments to make about Photographs – When it comes to describing or giving comments on particular kinds of photos, general comments such as “beautiful”, “amazing”, and “awesome” will never suffice. Comments help the photographer evaluate if his or her strategies and techniques were effective in achieving their photo goals. Here are some comments that perfectly hit the spot.

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Born to be Wild– Animal Photo Comments

Latest Price –101 Animals: Photo Book of the World’s Animals

  • Perfect lighting made this incredibly sharp photo achievable!
  • The subject’s eyes tell a lot more than words can say.
  • The photo captures the character of the subject perfectly.
  • The photo looks real!
  • The great choice of background made the subject stand out.
  • The photographer clearly made extra effort to capture this photo from the perfect angle.
  • This perfectly-timed photo looks like it took a lot of patience and skill – definitely the work of a pro!
  • Excellent use of blur effect!
  • Lovely panorama – the photographer definitely have an eye that sees beyond the beauty of the subject!
  • Interesting story in a captivating photo!

Picture Perfect – 100 Comments to make about Photographs

Picture Perfect – 100 Comments to make about Photographs

Perfectly Human – Life at its best

Latest Price –Destinations of a Lifetime: 225 of the World’s Most Amazing Places

  • The subject looks like he/she is right where he/she belongs.
  • It’s definitely the perfect opportunity to break the portrait photography rules to capture the character of the subject and evoke the emotions of viewers effectively.
  • That’s candid photography at its finest!
  • Tasteful contrast of colors between the subject’s outfit and the background!
  • The photo shows that the subject/s does not have to wear a smile just to take a beautiful photo.
  • Perfect choice of lens’ focal length which made the subject stand out.
  • The movement in the background enhanced the total appearance of the photo.
  • It shows the perfect depth – smart use of aperture priority!
  • The architectural/natural environment was efficiently incorporated into the photo.
  • Perfect use of foreground elements and framing!

Picture Perfect – 100 Comments to make about Photographs

Landscape Love – Superb Scenery

Latest Price – The Landscape Photography Book: The step-by-step techniques

  • Great choice of focal point!
  • Perfect incorporation of the sky in the image – instant cloud porn!
  • The lines lead the eyes to the right places.
  • Movements in the background were perfectly captured!
  • This photo shows that the golden hours are definitely worth waiting for!
  • This shot definitely did the landscape justice.
  • Amazing composition!
  • What a lovely, dramatic shot!
  • The photo conveys the character of the landscape effectively!
  • All the elements combined in the photo evoke strong emotions!

Picture Perfect – 100 Comments to make about Photographs

Picture Perfect – 100 Comments to make about Photographs

See the City – Cityscape Escape

Latest Price – Cities and Photography 

  • The colourful contrast between the dark sky and city lights is definitely captivating!
  • The photo makes the viewer wish that he/she was there.
  • Smart capture of the skyline – no part was wasted.
  • Crisp and sharp image of the city!
  • The leading lines made for an intriguing feel!
  • The clean lines saved the photo from being a chaotic jumble of elements!
  • The patterns in the photo created a lovely harmony!
  • Surprisingly, the poor weather actually gave the photo an edge!
  • The water made the image appear perfectly saturated.
  • Compelling photo of the city!

Picture Perfect – 100 Comments to make about Photographs

Nature Couture – The World is yours

Latest Price – John Shaw’s Guide to Digital Nature Photography

  • Breath-taking view of nature!
  • It looks like the golden light from the sunset is tucking the land in.
  • Simple yet refreshing photo of lush greens!
  • Incredible depth of the field!
  • Lovely capture of a lovely season!
  • All the visual elements worked great in leading the viewers’ focus to the subject.
  • The foreground added the perfect depth to the image.
  • The intense colors are tastefully used to create a compelling photo.
  • The subject was excellently emphasized!
  • Framing added order to an otherwise crowded and complex photo.

Picture Perfect – 100 Comments to make about Photographs

Picture Perfect – 100 Comments to make about Photographs

Astrophotography – Space, Moon, and Stars

Latest Price – Photography Night Sky: A Field Guide for Shooting after Dark

  • Stunning photo of the majestic night sky!
  • It’s an evocative photo which takes the viewers right on the scene!
  • This is a very clean image of the moon!
  • Lovely play of lights!
  • The grainy film effect combined with the futuristic approach created an interesting result!
  • Spectacular colors set this photo above from the rest!
  • Exquisite image of how Mother Nature showers the people with lights!
  • The oblique light created a dramatic image!
  • The landscape as an element enhanced the beauty of the moon showing perfect connection between the two.
  • The moon was beautifully framed in this photo!

Picture Perfect – 100 Comments to make about Photographs

Water Watch – Water Shots

Latest Price – Underwater Photography

  • Many interesting shapes, lines, and silhouettes in this shot!
  • The velvety, flowy waters seem to invite the viewers for a dip!
  • Interesting wave foam patterns!
  • Smart eye-level photo showing the river from its best angle!
  • Lovely swirls of the water against the rock formations!
  • The sunset turned the beach into a magical land!
  • Beautiful reflections!
  • Amazing lights and tones!
  • Spectacular and clear reflections!
  • Perfect capture of water motion!

Picture Perfect – 100 Comments to make about Photographs

Picture Perfect – 100 Comments to make about Photographs

Beach Please – Seaside and Ocean Photography

  • The photo captured the natural beauty of the beach.
  • Exceptionally beautiful – definitely not your cliche beach shot.
  • Interesting sand pattern!
  • Beautiful photo of waves crashing to the rocks!
  • The sand castles evoked nostalgia and took everyone back to their childhood days.
  • Perfect angle for catching the sunlight!
  • The brewing storm created dramatic clouds and intense wind motions.
  • Efficient use of the flash in an otherwise too bright environment!
  • The photo captured the lovely, heartwarming combination of sunset hues!
  • Amazing color pallette!

Picture Perfect – 100 Comments to make about Photographs

Architecture – Building and Shooting

  • Perfect contrast achieved through finding the best direction of the light!
  • Perfectly framed architecture!
  • Efficient use of the fish eye lens!
  • Beautiful architecture silhouette – perfectly timed photo resulting to the perfect colors and perfect effects!
  • The perfect foreground created a totally enegmatic image!
  • The reflections added a whole new eye-catching dimension to the photo!
  • Great capture of the architecture’s intricate details!
  • Interesting play of perspective!
  • Brilliant mix of an exceptional architecture and everyday objects – the people, the trees, and the busy streets!
  • Smart incorporation of motions into the picture!

Picture Perfect – 100 Comments to make about Photographs

Macro – The Big Picture

  • Clear and crisp details!
  • The flash definitely enlivened the photo!
  • Dramatic effects showed the subject in a whole different light!
  • The details and composition resulted to a stunning photo!
  • Exceptional focus!
  • Incredibly soft colors!
  • Amazing emphasis of the edges!
  • Interesting mix of textures, tones, and patterns!
  • The subject is practically popping out of the picture!
  • Vivid colors brought the viewers face-to-face with the subject – wonderful total effect!

Picture Perfect – 100 Comments to make about Photographs

Picture Perfect – 100 Comments to make about Photographs – These are some comments you can make and are designed for inspiration when complimenting people of work shared.



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