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List of books by Philip Kerr

List of Books by Philip Kerr with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Viola Carr. Find my selection in date order of Philip Kerr’s novels.

Philip Kerr List of Books to Read

Bernie Gunther Books

March Violets          (1989)          

The Pale Criminal   (1990)          

A German Requiem           (1991)          

The One from the Other  (2006)          

A Quiet Flame         (2008)          

If the Dead Rise Not           (2009)          

Field Gray     (2010)          

Prague Fatale          (2011)          

A Man Without Breath     (2013)          

The Lady from Zagreb      (2015)          

The Other Side of Silence (2016)          

Prussian Blue           (2017)          

Greeks Bearing Gifts          (2018)          

Metropolis   (2019)          

Children Of The Lamp Books

The Akhenaten Adventure          (2004)          

The Blue Djinn of Babylon           (2005)          

The Cobra King of Kathmandu   (2006)          

The Day of the Djinn Warrior     (2007)          

The Eye of the Forest        (2009)          

The Five Fakirs of Faizabad         (2010)          

The Grave Robbers of Genghis Khan    (2011)          

Scott Manson Books

January Window    (2014)          

Hand of God            (2015)          

False Nine     (2015)          

Standalone Novels

A Philosophical Investigation      (1992)          

Dead Meat   (1993)          

Gridiron        (1995)          

Esau   (1996)          

A Five Year Plan      (1997)          

The Second Angel  (1998)          

The Shot       (1999)          

Dark Matter: The Private Life of Sir Isaac Newton   (2002)          

Hitler’s Peace           (2005)          

One Small Step       (2008)          

Prayer           (2013)          

Winter Horses         (2014)          

Research       (2014)          

The Most Frightening Story Ever Told  (2016)          

Short Stories

The Pocket Handkerchief            (2016)                                  

List of books by Philip Kerr

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Philip Kerr. If we missed any be sure to let us know in comments of via the Contact Us.

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