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Quotes, who doesn’t love a good quote? This series of articles we look at Top 10 Famous Quotes by Author Philip Gulley, author quotes are always a challenge and fun to pick, with Philip Gulley you will find my Ten favorites of Philip Gulley’s quotes. 

About Philip Gulley

Philip Gulley has become the voice of small-town America. As well as writing Front Porch Tales, Hometown Tales, and For Everything a Season, Gulley is the author of the Harmony series, and he coauthored If Grace Is True and If God Is Love with James Mulholland.

Phil Gulley hosts “Porch Talk with Phil Gulley” on WFYI television’s flagship show Across Indiana.

The Gulleys live in Indiana with their sons, Spencer and Sam, in a rambling old house with Gulley’s eclectic chair collection (64 at last count) and a shady back porch.

He is also the pastor of Fairfield Friends Meeting House in Camby, Indiana. If you find yourself in Camby, you’re invited to attend a sermon.

Born: Danville, Indiana, The United States
Genre: Literature & Fiction, Religion & Spirituality

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Popular Quotes

“Fear can keep you up all night, but faith makes one fine pillow.”
― Philip Gulley

 “…We always look for Christ amid magnificence. But … Christ has a history of showing up amide the unlovely. Born in a dirty stall. Crowned with thorns. Died gasping on a shameful cross atop a jagged rise.

We don’t need to be beautiful for Christ to take us in. He is equally at home when we’re broken-down and dirty. It’s like George Herbert wrote:
And here in dust and dirt, O here,
The lilies of God’s love appear.’
We think magnificence is in short supply, that dust and dirt choke out the lilies. But that’s not true and never was. Lilies may root in dirt, but they reach for heaven—and in the reaching, reveal their magnificence.

—chapter 24”
― Philip Gulley, Home to Harmony

“I ran across the following thought that I JUST LOVE & I thought of you……
“I do not know where we will sit at the final banquet, but I suspect who will sit beside us – on our right will sit the person whom we have harmed the most. On our left will sit the person who has done the greatest evil to us. We will be seated between grace received and grace required”.”
― Philip Gulley, If Grace Is True: Why God Will Save Every Person

 “Wrinkled women lifting their faces, chasing their youth.
Fat men sucking in bellies.
Poor folks putting on airs.
Sinners acting like saints.
All of us keeping pace with our companions, stepping lively in this dance of deceit.”
― Philip Gulley, Home to Harmony

 “Too many times we pray for ease, but that’s a prayer seldom met. What we need to do is pray for roots that reach deep into the Eternal, so when the rains fall and the winds blow, we won’t be swept asunder.”
― Philip Gulley

 “The leaves of our blessed lives fall to the ground and if we’re wise like my grandfather, we gather them in a pile and keep them safe lest the winds of forgetfulness blow them away.”
― Philip Gulley

“We just never know. We think we do. We think we have life figured out, and in our arrogance we become hard. But life has a way of humbling us, of softening us. ”
― Philip Gulley

 “I can only make one person happy each day.

Today is not your day.

Tomorrow doesn’t look good, either.

—Frank the 70 year old secretary, chapter 9”
― Philip Gulley, Home to Harmony

“In the end . . . . . . . Stand where we feel led. Stand straight, stand tall, and try to remember that other folks might be led to stand elsewhere.”
― Philip Gulley, Home to Harmony

“Love, even that love which is imagined, is sometimes all we have to get us through.”
― Philip Gulley, Home to Harmony

10 Famous Quotes by Author Philip Gulley

So there you have it my Ten favorite quotes by Philip Gulley, please comment below and share your favorite quotes by the fantastic author Philip Gulley.  Furthermore, if you find any Authors not covered for there, top 10 quotes let me know and I will review their works and find some of their best quotes as has been done here for Philip Gulley. 

One Final Bonus – Philip Gulley Quote 

“Our first night in the house, my wife and I were lying in bed. I was thanking God for my blessings. Thanking God for not having to pull aside a dining room curain to have my children near—that they were right down the hall, asleep in their Superman underwear, their little chests rising and falling to the pulse of their dreams.

I thought how some blessings are fickle guests. Just when we think they’re here to stay, they pack their bags and move. When we’re in the midst of blessing, we think it’s our due—that blessing lasts forever. Next thing you know we’re sitting helpless beside a hospital bed. All we’re left with is a name on a wall, a toy in a desk, and memories that haunt our sleep.

Sometimes we come to gratitude too late. It’s only after blessing has passed on that we realize what we had.

—chapter 2”

― Philip Gulley, Home to Harmony

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