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List of books by Peter Lerangis

List of Books by Peter Lerangis with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Viola Carr. Find my selection in date order of Peter Lerangis’s novels.

Peter Lerangis List of Books to Read

Baby-Sitters Club Books

The Baby-Sitters Club: The Movie         (1995)          

Watchers Books

Last Stop       (1998)          

Rewind          (1998)          

I.D.     (1999)          

War    (1999)          

Island (1999)          

Lab 6  (1999)          

Antarctica Books

Journey to the Pole           (2000)          

Escape from Disaster        (2000)          

Abracadabra Books

Poof! Rabbits Everywhere           (2002)          

Boo! Ghosts in School       (2002)          

Presto! Magic Treasure    (2002)          

Yeeps!: Secret in the Statue        (2002)          

Zap! Science Fair Surprise           (2003)          

Yikes! It’s Alive!       (2003)          

Whoa! Amusement Park Gone Wild    (2003)          

Wow! Blast from the Past!          (2003)          

X-Isle Books

X-Isle  (2003)          

Return to X-Isle       (2004)          

Spy X Books

The Code      (2004)          

Hide and Seek         (2004)          

Tunnel Vision           (2005)          

Proof Positive          (2005)          

Drama Club Books

The Fall Musical      (2007)          

The Big Production            (2007)          

Too Hot!       (2008)          

Summer Love          (2008)          

Seven Wonders Journals Books

The Select     (2012)          

The Orphan (2014)          

The Key         (2015)          

The Promise (2016)          

Seven Wonders Books

The Colossus Rises  (2013)          

Lost in Babylon       (2013)          

The Tomb of Shadows      (2014)          

The Curse of the King        (2015)          

The Legend of the Rift       (2016)          

Party Room Books

The Lost Girls           (2015)          

Max Tilt Trilogy Books

Fire the Depths       (2017)          

80 Days or Die        (2018)          

Enter the Core         (2019)          

Throwback Trilogy Books

Throwback   (2019)          

The Chaos Loop      (2020)          

Standalone Novels

The Yearbook          (1994)          

Driver’s Dead          (1994)          

Spring Fever!           (1996)          

Spring Break            (1997)          

Attack of the Killer Potatoes       (1997)          

Sleepy Hollow         (1999)          

The Road to El Dorado      (2000)          

The Sixth Sense       (2000)          

Smiler’s Bones         (2005)          

Batman Begins        (2005)          

wtf      (2009)          

Somebody, Please Tell Me Who I Am   (2012)          

Non-Fiction Books

Madagascar: Joke Book   (2005)                                  

List of books by Peter Lerangis

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Peter Lerangis. If we missed any be sure to let us know in comments of via the Contact Us.

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