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Australian politician Peter Craig Dutton has served as the Liberal Party‘s and the opposition’s leader since May 2022. He has served as a minister in the Howard, Abbott, Turnbull, and Morrison administrations while also serving as the representative for Dickson in Queensland’s House of Representatives since 2001. He has been the Minister for Home Affairs since September 2017. He previously served as the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection in the Abbott government from September 2013 to August 2015. He is a member of the Liberal Party of Australia. In September 2018, he was elected to the House of Representatives as the member for Dickson in the Australian federal election.

Top Dutton’s Policies

Peter Dutton is the Australian Minister for Immigration and Border Protection. He has served in this role since July 2015. Prior to his appointment, he was the Attorney-General of Australia, serving from December 2013 until July 2015.

Dutton has a strong record on immigration and border protection. He is known for his tough stance on illegal immigration and his efforts to increase security at Australia’s borders. He has also advocated for stronger penalties for people who overstay their visas.

Some of Dutton’s other key policies include reforms to the vocational education and training (VET) system, which he believes are needed to help Australians find jobs outside of the agricultural sector; an increase in funding for community services agencies; and the introduction of a new temporary visa category called Temporary Business (Special Entities) visas.

Dutton is also a strong advocate for economic growth in Australia. He believes that increased investment will create more jobs and help reduce unemployment rates in Australia.

Dutton’s policies on immigration and border protection are likely to continue to be a key focus of his ministry. He is determined to ensure that Australia retains its position as one of the world’s leading destination countries for immigrants, and that the country’s borders are secure and efficient so that people can travel without fear of being arrested or deported.

The policies of Peter Dutton have been consistent with the right-wing agenda. He has advocated for a hardline approach to immigration, and has shown little interest in improving the treatment of asylum seekers.

He also took part in a panel discussion with fellow Australian politicians at the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce’s “Policy Forum” on 14 March 2019. During their discussion, Peter Dutton spoke about his desire for Israel to be an ally of Australia and the United States.

Peter Dutton has previously been critical of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians in Gaza, calling it “disgraceful”. He also called for an end to Jewish settlements in Palestinian territory. In response, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu labelled him a “champion” of Israel.


Peter Dutton is a controversial Australian politician who has been the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection. In this role, Dutton is responsible for implementing Australia’s immigration policies. Dutton came under fire for his handling of the Australian refugee crisis and his involvement in phone hacking cases.

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