Perfect Casual Gift Ideas For Women

4 Stunning Gift Ideas to Woo Woman

Holiday shopping can be a nightmare if you aren’t sure how to navigate the scale or value of your gifts. Finding casual present ideas for women can be a difficult task, as you’ll need to strike a balance between price and effort without being overly sentimental. Whether it’s for your mother-in-law, a colleague – or simply a friend or loved one where you need to buy a gift on a budget, the following gift ideas are perfect for those who want to procure a thoughtful present without breaking the bank.

Edible Gifts

This is simple, easy, and a classic option that can be suited to the individual’s tastes. If your recipient has a sweet tooth, capitalise on this knowledge by buying some quality chocolate. The price of this type of gift is a broad sliding scale, so you can equivocate the level of intimacy with the brand and sophistication of the food. Cheap and cheerful as a cute expression of care, or a more luxury item to show your effort and thought.


Continuing in the thread of consumable items (which are a great idea as they don’t clutter up the house and can be enjoyed in a social atmosphere), alcohol is another brilliant idea for a casual, easy gift for a woman that can correspond to the nature of your relationship. A fancy wine, maybe the ingredients for a cocktail or two – these are fun ideas, which will be appreciated by the recipient.

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This is a historically successful gift for women and is always a hit no matter the size of the bouquet. Flowers from florists are not only an expression of affection; they are aesthetic, sweetly scented, and overall an extremely pleasant (and often overlooked!) present to consider purchasing for a woman. Florists like Cottage Garden, a Perth-based company, are known for delivering a professional service and providing insightful help with the composition of the gift itself. They are well-equipped in helping construct an arrangement to both suit your price needs and deliver a meaningful message depending on how casual you would like the gift to be. Flowers have different meanings and when put together in an arrangement can show sentiment and create a message that will sure to leave the recipient smiling.


This is a lovely idea for a low-cost present that will be a pleasure to receive. There are lots of different types to consider, exfoliating, moisturising – you could purchase a bath bomb for a more exciting gift, or some hand cream as a useful luxury item that they will use frequently. These are the types of gifts women tend to ignore buying for themselves, but love to receive. Handmade soaps are by far the most thoughtful form of this gift, as while slightly more expensive they often have a higher quality of ingredients and greater care in crafting.

Try out some of these casual gift ideas, for birthdays, special occasions, or simply a show of affection for a woman in your life. They are small, simple items that can make a big difference to the recipient’s mood and improve your relationship.

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