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List of books by Pearl S. Buck

List of Books by Pearl S. Buck with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Viola Carr. Find my selection in date order of Pearl S. Buck’s novels.

Pearl S. Buck List of Books to Read

House Of Earth Books

The Good Earth      (1931)          

Sons   (1932)          

A House Divided     (1935)          

Standalone Novels

East Wind: West Wind      (1930)          

The Mother  (1934)          

The Big Wave          (1938)          

This Proud Heart    (1938)          

The Patriot   (1939)          

Other Gods: An American Legend         (1940)          

Portrait of a Marriage       (1941)          

Dragon Seed            (1942)          

The Promise (1943)          

The Long Love         (1944)          

The Townsman       (1944)          

Voices in the House           (1944)          

Pavilion of Women            (1946)          

The Angry Wife       (1947)          

Peony            (1948)          

The Bondmaid         (1949)          

Kinfolk           (1950)          

God’s Men    (1951)          

Bright Procession   (1952)          

Hidden Flower        (1952)          

Come, My Beloved            (1953)          

Johnny Jack and His Beginnings (1955)          

China Sky      (1956)          

Imperial Woman    (1956)          

Letter from Peking (1957)          

Command the Morning    (1959)          

Christmas Ghost     (1960)          

The Devil Never Sleeps     (1962)          

The Living Reed       (1963)          

The Man Who Changed China    (1963)          

Death in the Castle (1966)          

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John (1967)          

Time is Noon            (1967)          

The New Year          (1968)          

The Three Daughters of Madame Liang          (1969)          

Mandala       (1971)          

Chinese Story Teller           (1971)          

The Goddess Abides          (1972)          

Far and Near           (1973)          

All Under Heaven   (1973)          

The Rainbow           (1974)          

The Eternal Wonder          (2013)          

Short Story Collections

The First Wife and Other Stories           (1933)          

Today and Forever: Stories of China    (1941)          

One Bright Day and Other Stories for Children         (1952)          

Fourteen Stories     (1961)          

With a Delicate Air and Other Stories  (1962)          

To My Daughters, With Love      (1967)          

The Good Deed and Other Stories of Asia Past and Present          (1969)          

The Story Bible, Volume I: The Old Testament          (1971)          

The Story Bible, Volume II: The New Testament       (1972)          

Pearl S. Buck’s Book of Christmas         (1974)          

East and West         (1975)          

Secrets of the Heart          (1976)          

Hearts Come Home and Other Stories (1976)          

The Lovers    (1978)          

The Woman Who Was Changed and Other Stories (1979)          

Picture Books

Christmas Day in the Morning    (1955)          

The Christmas Mouse       (1958)          


Fairy Tales of the Orient   (1965)          

Non-Fiction Books

The Exile        (1936)          

Fighting Angel: Portrait of a Soul           (1937)          

The Chinese Novel (1939)          

Of Men and Women         (1941)          

American Argument          (1950)          

The Child Who Never Grew        (1950)          

My Several Worlds            (1954)          

Tell the People: Talks with James Yen About the Mass Educational Movement           (1959)          

A Bridge for Passing          (1963)          

The Joy of Children            (1964)          

For Spacious Skies (1966)          

The People of Japan          (1968)          

The Kennedy Women       (1970)          

China As I See It      (1971)          

Pearl Buck’s America         (1971)          

American Unity and Asia  (1972)          

Pearl S. Buck’s Oriental Cookbook        (1972)          

What America Means to Me       (1973)                                              

List of books by Pearl S. Buck

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Pearl S. Buck. If we missed any be sure to let us know in comments of via the Contact Us.

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