PDF Editing, Highlighting, Redacting, and More

Business software that allows users to edit, annotate and rearrange important PDF files is not hard to find but there are many things to consider when choosing them. 

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PDF editors for business must make available a broad number of features and customization options. Businesses have extra reasons to take document and record-keeping seriously, which is why they often do not spare any expense when it comes to choosing BI software that lets them alter and change PDF files as they wish. But many online PDF editors are just as effective and even carry some of the same features as paid programs just like upload scribus pdf that is readily available for usage. 

Unlock the Capability of PDFs

PDF emerged in the early 1990s as the answer to the compatibility issues that plagued early word processing programs. The PDF became the universal document form. It later became the de facto standard of how all documents are processed from contracts and invitations to business plans, research studies, and project proposals. 

PDFs are so common almost everyone has some familiarity with them. Whether they come as attachments in emails or the way that people share their CVs and portfolios, PDFs pop up everywhere at least once. While most modern web browsers feature extensions that can open PDF files, they do not have any editing or other customizable features. 

Fortunately, several different PDF editors are available to both the general public and businesses that give users more control over the PDF’s layout and format. These online programs all range in their offerings, but users can be assured that basic items like adding, removing text, adding annotations or comments as well as security features are all present. 

How to Edit Your PDFs Online

Editing a PDF online with the help of an online, browser-based program is not difficult. Many of these programs were designed to be user-friendly and cater to people with varying experience and skill levels when it comes to PDFs. They often feature easy-to-use drag and drop designs to make it even easier to upload a file. 

Other programs do not even require that users download any special software or extension (although some do). But, indeed, many tools like PDF converting, PDF conversion, and password protection are solely browser-based and can be done online, with the bonus of all changes being saved in the cloud. 

A program like Lumin PDF is both a browser-based tool but also a downloadable software so users can edit their PDFs offline. Lumin offers a wide range of different PDF editing tools, as well as a database of fillable forms that users can change for whatever purpose they have. Lumin lets users take advantage of most tools free of charge, but there is a monthly or yearly subscription plan for premium access to other, more advanced tools. 

Highlight Text

The great thing about many online PDF editors is that they borrow user interface elements from already popular software like Microsoft Word or Notes. This way, users can easily find their way around any user interface, no matter the brand or developer. Highlighting text is a matter of looking for the right icon, usually the Highlighter in this case. 

Users can click the Highlighter icon in the browser of their preferred PDF editor to highlight important passages in any text. Highlighting text could also be used to make relevant lines and pages stand out from the rest of the text. 

Insert Signatures & Images

Images are a standard design element for most PDFs. Those images could change or lose their significance and need to be replaced with something more current. PDF editors also give users this ability. They can open a PDF file with their preferred tool and remove or upload new images to the document. 

Signatures are more than a design element. They fulfill a practical requirement to make documents official, even if the person whose signature is being signed did not physically do it. With PDFs, digital signatures can stand in for the real thing and in any format, a person wants from an image of the actual signature or a drawing made by the person. 

Add Text

Adding text is another basic editing feature that all PDF editors, whether paid or not, have. The process of adding text varies between the different tools available. But usually, users need only open the file in the browser window and use the tools present to add or remove text, if needed. Users can also add text from other PDF documents or they can simply type new text into the document. 

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