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Quotes, who doesn’t love a good quote? This series of articles we look at Top 10 Famous Quotes by Author Paul Di Filippo, author quotes are always a challenge and fun to pick, with Paul Di Filippo you will find my Ten favorites of Paul Di Filippo’s quotes. 

About Paul Di Filippo

Some of Paul Di Filippo’s short stories have been collected in these widely praised collections: The Steampunk Trilogy, Ribofunk, Fractal Paisleys, Lost Pages, Little Doors, Strange Trades, Babylon Sisters, and his multi-award-nominated novella, A Year in the Linear City. Destroy All Brains, another earlier collection by Pirate Writings, is quite rare due to the short print run (if you see one, buy it!).

Sometimes Di Filippo’s short stories overshadow his mindbending, utterly unclassifiable novels: Ciphers, Joe’s Liver, Fuzzy Dice, A Mouthful of Tongues, and Spondulix. With his offbeat sensibility, soulful characterizations, exquisite-yet-compact prose, and hilarious dialogue, Paul’s work has a charmingly unique voice that is both captivating and addictive. A finalist for the Hugo, Nebula, BSFA, Philip K. Dick, Wired Magazine, and World Fantasy awards, he has also been nominated for the World Fantasy award as well.

Born: October 29, 1954, Providence, Rhode Island, The United States
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy

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Popular Quotes

“The clock indicates the moment-but what does eternity indicate?”
― Paul Di Filippo, The Steampunk Trilogy

 “What had happened was this. When still young, I had gotten the idea from somewhere that I might be able to write… Maybe the deadly notion came from liking to read so much. Maybe I was in love with the image of being a writer. Whatever. It had been a really bad idea. Because I couldn’t write, at least not by the bluntly and frequently expressed standards of anyone in a position to offer any encouragement and feedback.”
― Paul Di Filippo, Fuzzy Dice

“Smellin’ the beefaloes and leanpigs turnin’ on their spits, holding a cold cheer-beer in my hand, watchin’ the stars poppin’ out one by one like random pixels on God’s antique
monochrome display, listenin’ to the joyful chatter of my fellow gips, contemplatin’ the easy job ahead of me, I was as near to heaven asI have ever been on this mostly sad ol’ earth.”
― Paul Di Filippo, Ribofunk

 “Madam, I assure you that you are dealing with two gentleman of the highest propriety and social standing.

When one contemplates the deeds that are daily done in society’s name, such a description is no high recommendation.”
― Paul Di Filippo, The Steampunk Trilogy

 “That’s the greatest thing about wikis: they combine the best features of democracy and autocracy. Everybody has an equal say. But some got bigger says than others.”
― Paul Di Filippo, Wikiworld

 “As many authors have said, if the writer is not surprised by events, then chances are that the reader will not be either, and grow bored.”
― Paul Di Filippo, How To Write Science Fiction

“That was asking a lot of my readers, I realized, but I was trying to write the novel I would most enjoy decoding.”
― Paul Di Filippo, How To Write Science Fiction

 “The emotional tone or affect of the tale should be hot and engaged, not remote and dispassionate.”
― Paul Di Filippo, How To Write Science Fiction

“Science fiction at its best should be crazy and dangerous, not sane and safe.”
― Paul Di Filippo, How To Write Science Fiction

“It was as unsatisfying as a handjob from someone wearing an oven mitt.”
― Paul Di Filippo, Fuzzy Dice

10 Famous Quotes by Author Paul Di Filippo

So there you have it my Ten favorite quotes by Paul Di Filippo, please comment below and share your favorite quotes by the fantastic author Paul Di Filippo.  Furthermore, if you find any Authors not covered for there, top 10 quotes let me know and I will review their works and find some of their best quotes as has been done here for Paul Di Filippo. 

One Final Bonus – Paul Di Filippo Quote 

“Gaia giveth even as she taketh away.

The warming of the global climate over the past century had melted permafrost and glaciers, shifted rainfall patterns, altered animal migratory routes, disrupted agriculture, drowned cities, and similarly necessitated a thousand thousand adjustments, recalibrations and hasty retreats. But humanity’s unintentional experiment with the biosphere had also brought some benefits.

Now we could grow oysters in New England.

Six hundred years ago, oysters flourished as far north as the Hudson. Native Americans had accumulated vast middens of shells on the shores of what would become Manhattan. Then, prior to the industrial age, there was a small climate shift, and oysters vanished from those waters.

Now, however, the tasty bivalves were back, their range extending almost to Maine.

The commercial beds of the Cape Cod Archipelago produced shellfish as good as any from the heyday of Chesapeake Bay. Several large wikis maintained, regulated and harvested these beds, constituting a large share of the local economy.

But as anyone might have predicted, wherever a natural resource existed, sprawling and hard of defense, poachers would be found.”

― Paul Di Filippo, Wikiworld

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