Offbeat Locations For Destination Weddings In India

Check Out These Offbeat Locations For A Fun-Filled Destination Weddings In India

Preparing for a wedding is not like a piece of cake. From planning to the venue to the gowns, there’s lots to do. Common notion is to prepare the gowns and the clothing which can be catered by various shops like Nihal Fashions to provide ease and wide variety of options. One other headache will be the location of wedding. 

Offbeat locations for destination weddings in India describe destinations embedded in majestic beauty. A destination wedding is a trend that has been around for a few years and its popularity is only growing. 

However, the cumbersome task with destination weddings is the planning and execution of the celebrations, including the zeroing in on a destination that the families like, a place that is feasible and easy to get to. We are all aware of the usual suspects when it comes to the destinations for a wedding and you want a location that’s fresh and exciting. Something that will embody the personality of the bride and groom. 

If these are the exact thoughts running in your head, take a look at our list of a few offbeat locations for destination weddings that’s sure to etch the memories of your wedding festivities for a lifetime.

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1. Offbeat Wedding Locations: Pondicherry

We know this stunning union territory as the ‘Little France’ of India, and for good reason. It surely lives up to its name. Pondicherry boasts colonial architecture in vibrant hues of yellows and oranges with a touch of pastels, a long coastline and the most incredible French cuisine, (possibly the best in the entire country.) It’s the perfect choice for an intimate ceremony of two souls becoming one. Imagine a beach wedding whilst the sun sets, surrounded by your closest family and friends.

A place like Pondicherry is all about versatility; you can go for something super simple or something really fancy. Regardless of how you want the affair to be, there are numerous resorts that cater to your exact wedding needs.

2. Mussoorie Offbeat Weddings Locations in India

For the couples whose hearts are the most content in the hills, what could be better than tying the knot with your loved ones surrounded by the views of the snow-capped Himalayas? It’s a quaint hill station renowned for its old English charm, with winding lanes and houses with tinned roofs is the ideal choice.

Whilst there are several hotels and resorts that will help you plan a magnificent wedding packed with weddings, Mussoorie is an offbeat destination that should be savoured and taken in slowly. So, we recommend you to consider this place if you want a quiet and intimate wedding.

3. India Wedding Locations: Kerala

The state of Kerala has innumerable wedding destination settings from serene backwaters and brilliant beaches lined with (their trademark) coconut trees to the grasslands and hills. A wedding in Kerala would be a tropical wedding steeped in heritage. Choose Alappuzha for a calm and serene wedding. Or by the shores of the Vembanad Lake for traditional houseboat weddings. From the secrets of the Malayali kitchen to the ceremonies in a floating venue, it would be an unforgettable experience, for you and your wedding guests.

4. Nashik India Wedding Locations

If a whimsical wedding featuring sprawling acres of vineyards, the cool evening breeze with a backdrop of mountains sounds like your perfect wedding, choose Nashik without a second thought. The gorgeous ‘wine capital’ of our country makes for a quietly stunning and picturesque setting for your wedding festivities.

You can opt for theme weddings, outdoor ceremonies amid a vineyard or private weddings in farmhouses strewn across the countryside. If you and your partner are wine connoisseurs, Nashik is possibly the best idea. It has several wineries/vineyards with luxurious accommodation facilities. A wedding in a vineyard would be new to most of us and it’s bound to be charming.

5. India Offbeat Wedding Locations: Chennai

The coastal metropolis, Chennai became impressively advanced. This simplifies a lot of tasks and potentially makes your life easy. Chennai sits on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal. There are infinite magnificent beaches that will leave you dumbstruck. The traffic is not as bad as other metropolitan cities; the prices are much cheaper and your taste buds surely are in for a treat! Apart from all this, there are lots of wedding banquet halls in Chennai which are just perfect to host intimate weddings.

6. West Bengal Offbeat Wedding Location

A destination wedding in the tea estates of Darjeeling would be truly magical, and one for the books. It is the absolute choice for a couple that enjoys adventure and gravitates towards a rustic setting.

Weddings are hectic; hosting the festivities at the Himalayan foothills will also allow you to stay back and take in the beauty of the peaceful surroundings. Tour the tea estates or visit the monasteries or take a dip in the lakes!

Conclusion: Offbeat Locations For Destination Weddings In India

A destination wedding is all about the memories created and a place that is unique would add that much more value to it when you look back a few years from now.

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Offbeat Locations For Destination Weddings In India

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