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Non-Woke Gaming Sites – Most of the Gaming sites today are VERY aware of recent political issues and will try to gear their content to the “Woke” audience. And sadly, most losing they are to doing it. Have you ever wanted to play a video game but were warned off by sites that don’t support your agenda? Want to play a game but don’t want to support the corrupt corporate establishment? Well, the following are some common biased and non-woke gaming sites is here.

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IGN is not woken. It’s been around for over two decades and has grown from a small gaming site to one of the most popular destinations for gaming news and reviews. The reasons why IGN isn’t woke are many.

IGN has a history of promoting toxic masculinity through its articles. For example, it published an article that gave tips on how men can be “superior” at Call of Duty a game about shooting people in the face.


Gamespot is not woke because it has a review system that’s completely broken. You can see this in their review of Watch Dogs 2 where they gave it a 6/10 instead of a 7 because of its use of the N-word. Gaming is popular and there are so many people who would like to enjoy various games but there are several elements of non-wokeism that makes people refrain from such games.

Gamespot has been accused severally of not paying attention to social aspects of the society. If they can improve on that, more people can get attracted to their games and create a better society and a great gaming community.

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Rock Paper Shotgun

Rock Paper Shotgun is a UK-based video game website that focuses on gaming news, reviews and criticism. If you’re looking for an opinionated, non-woke review of the latest video games, you’ve come to the right place.


Kotaku is a gaming site that does not seem to be woke. It’s been around for a long time, and it was founded by Gawker Media in 2005. The site is based in New York City, but it has an office in San Francisco as well. Kotaku has done some great reporting on diversity issues in video games including their coverage of racial representation in the industry, sexism against women and LGBTQIA+ people and most recently transphobic comments made by streamers during charity streams. However, there are still problematic things about Kotaku that make me hesitant about trusting them or referring people to their articles.


IGN is a gaming site that is not woke. It’s not woken because it doesn’t have any social justice content on it. IGN has made some changes to its website in the past few years. For example, IGN now includes more women in their news coverage than they did before. Most importantly, though and this cannot be overstated IGN doesn’t care as much about social justice issues as other websites do because they’re not trying hard enough.

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There are many reasons for the backlash against non-woke gaming sites and their readers. For one thing, they’re not keeping up with the times. It is important for them to consider other things that caters for social justices of everyone.

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