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There’s no doubt that we live in a woke culture. From the #MeToo movement to the Black Lives Matter movement, it seems like there’s always a new social justice issue to be aware of. And while many corporations have jumped on the woke bandwagon, there are still plenty that haven’t. Non-woke corporations are corporations that do not take care of their employees or community. They do not support equality, diversity, and inclusiveness of the people around them. Below are some examples of non-woke corporations that can be found today. Here are some of the most non-woke corporations out there:

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Walmart has been criticized for a variety of social and environmental issues, from its treatment of workers to its impact on small businesses. But the company has also been slow to embrace social justice issues, despite calls from activists to do so. For example, Walmart was one of the last major retailers to ban the sale of Confederate flag merchandise, and it still sell assault-style rifles.


ExxonMobil is one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies, and it has been criticized for its environmental impact. The company has also been accused of downplaying the risks of climate change, and it has been slow to invest in renewable energy. In recent years, ExxonMobil has been working to improve its environmental record. The company has pledged to reduce its emissions, and it has invested in renewable energy projects. ExxonMobil is also working to develop new technologies that will help it reduce its environmental impact.

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Nestle has been accused of a variety of unethical practices, from child labor to water pollution. The company has also been slow to respond to social justice issues, such as the #MeToo movement. While Nestlé is a global powerhouse, it has been the subject of criticism over its ethical practices, from water pollution to child labor.

Koch Industries

Koch Industries is a massive conglomerate that owns a variety of businesses, from paper towels to oil pipelines. The company has been criticized for its environmental record and its support of conservative causes. They have been major donors to the Republican Party and various right-wing think tanks and groups. Koch Industries has also been criticized for its environmental record.

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Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs is a major investment bank that has been accused of unethical practices, such as predatory lending and tax avoidance. The company has also been slow to embrace social justice issues, such as the #MeToo movement.


These are just a few of the most non-woke corporations out there. While some of these companies are trying to make changes, they still have a long way to go. The purpose of this article is to speak about the concept of corporate social responsibility in the context of business ethics.

For those unfamiliar with this concept, it is the idea that businesses have a set of responsibilities outside of the pursuit of profits for their shareholders, and that they should take steps to ensure that they are operating ethically and responsibly. While there may be various definitions regarding what these responsibilities entail, depending on who you ask, they always manifest themselves in some form or another beyond just being legally compliant.

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