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There are a lot of airlines out there that aren’t “woke” to the important issues and events happening in the world today. From a social justice standpoint, this is extremely problematic. Racial and ethnic diversity is something that should be celebrated, not ignored. Unfortunately, many airlines are still behind the times when it comes to this issue.

One of the most glaring examples of this is the lack of non-white representation in their staff and advertising. It’s not uncommon to see an all-white flight crew or an ad campaign that completely lacks diversity. This sends a very clear message: people of color are not welcome here. This is not only hurtful and exclusionary, but it’s also bad for business. Airlines that don’t recognize the value of diversity are missing out on a huge market. More and more people are looking to patronize businesses that reflect their values.

The following airlines are a few examples of the non-woke airlines that exist in the world today:

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United Airlines

Not only is this airline non-woke, but they also have a history of discrimination against people of color. For example, in 2017, they were sued by the Department of Transportation for discriminating against a family who was denied boarding because of their race.

American Airlines

American Airlines has also been accused of discrimination by the NAACP and other civil rights organizations for several years now; however, they have yet to see any real consequences for their actions.

Delta Air Lines

Delta is one of the biggest airlines in the world, but they’re also one of the most tone-deaf when it comes to social justice issues. They’ve been accused of racism and sexism multiple times, and their track record on diversity is pretty abysmal.

Delta has been accused of racial profiling and other forms of discrimination as well as violating their own policies on Mexican heritage employees after being caught on video doing so by making them sweep floors and clean bathrooms at their airport lounges; however, due to the recent appointment of new leadership at Delta North America (DAL), this issue seems to have been resolved.

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JetBlue is another airline that has been accused of racism and sexism. There are reports that black and brown passengers are disproportionately singled out for extra security screenings, and that women are often subjected to sexual harassment by male passengers and crew members. Therefore, it is not surprising that JetBlue has been ranked as one of the least woke airlines. So, if you’re looking to avoid a company with a questionable record on social justice, JetBlue is probably not the best choice.


It’s time for airlines to step up and do better. The world is watching. social justice is important, and airlines need to be more “woke” to the issues that matter. From a business standpoint, it makes sense to be more inclusive and diverse. It’s time for airlines to wake up and realize that the world has changed. Racism is a terrible thing, and it just keeps on happening. Sometimes, it’s in the form of discrimination from a person or a company, and sometimes it’s just a subtle instance of ignorance or awkwardness.

These are just some of the examples of non-woke in the airline industry. We hope that in the near future, airlines will take it upon themselves to educate their employees, and in the meantime, we hope you take the time to research the airlines you fly and make an informed choice.

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