No, Don’t Let MPs Have a Vote on Brexit – The Single Market is Brexit

 MPs should not be permitted to vote on Brexit – The Single Market is Brexit

Theresa May’s speech ended up with the indication that MPs will be allowed to have a vote on Brexit deal. But that in its own way has a lot of dangers. What if the MPs vote against her plans? Well, Theresa May says that “Either way, we will very clearly be leaving the EU.”

The Prime Minister has made it clear that hard Brexit is the way to go. She insisted that remaining to be part of the single market would imply “not leaving the EU.” Her sentiments are correct, considering a membership to the single market was one of the sticking issues in the referendum run-up. Hard Brexit is what the Brexit voters wanted and that means leaving the single market.

But there is an interesting political manoeuvre in which the MPs are called upon to have a vote on trade agreements. In this suggestion, It is claimed that membership or not of the Single Market is not the same as Brexit. For that matter, MPs have to be allowed to vote whether to be in a single market or not.

But the answer to such a suggestion is simple, NO.

For a long time, Theresa May has been under constant pressure to allow MPs to vote on any decision to leave or limit UK involvement in the European single market. The fear is that parliament is going to be sidelined in the biggest economic decision ever.

The Greens, the Liberal Democrats, Labour and Tory MPs have joined forces to advocate for the vote. They say that as much as the British people voted for Brexit, they did not choose to quit the single market.

Yes, the MPs are right. This is one big economic decision and we employ them to make decisions for us. But on this one, the answer is no, we do not need your decision.

The UK voted to have control of the immigration rates. Being a member of the EU involves permitting free movement, something Britain is keen at averting.

The Single Market is Brexit

Little by little, it has become apparent that the single market is Brexit. The EU leaders have themselves said that if Britain needs access to this market, it must allow for free movement of people. It must also accept all the EU regulation, pay into the EU budget and much more. That is not really what people voted for. In simpler terms, membership of the Single Market comes with all of the costs and responsibilities of full EU membership.

Therefore, trying to deny that the single market is not Brexit is living in denial.

Don’t Let MPs Have a Vote on Brexit

When asked about the prime minister’s promise of a Parliamentary vote following Brexit negotiations, her spokeswoman said: “You can regard it as binding.”

MPs getting Brexit vote is all dangers.

We are very much aware that a bigger percentage of the MPs does not agree with Brexit. That is essentially reason number one to deny them a vote on the matter. Granted the opportunity will see them use it to reverse the referendum by the back door.

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