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Location of Ningaloo Coast

I bet, if you ask any traveller which place he loves the most or where would he like to visit, you would definitely hear “Australia” from them. This place has made a place in the hearts of the travellers. The biggest reason behind this is that they get the taste of everything in the same platter. They get to see different aspects of nature, modernity, serenity all at one place.

Australia has many beautiful places that have been listed in the World Heritage Sites. The Ningaloo Coast is one of them.

The Ningaloo Coast is situated in the north western coastal region of the Western Australia. It is situated along the East India Ocean about 750 mi (1,200 kilometres) north of Perth.

History of Ningaloo Coast

The name of the island comes from Australian Aboriginal language Wajarri’s word ninangloo which means deep water. This land was inhabited by Yinigudura and Baiyungu clan’s people, the Yamatji. They lived on this island for about 30,000 years.


The Ningaloo coast is drop dead gorgeous. It is spread across the area of 1,742,130-acre (705,015-hectare). The Ningaloo reef that fringes the coast looks tremendously beautiful. The fringe covers an area of about 260 kilometres (160 mi). This reef is the largest fringing coral reef. It is the only huge coral reef which is very close to a land.

The Ningaloo Marine Park has about 500 different species of fishes, 50 soft coral species and 200 hard coral species.

Things To Do

Witness the diverse marine life of Ningaloo. Swim and check out the beautiful fishes like clownfish, lion fish, moray eels and the whale sharks in the months between April to June and meet humpback whales in the months of June and November. You can also the rare species of turtle in the eco- interactive trails in the months of January and February. Witness the coral spawning in the months of March and April. Snorkelling in the coral lagoons will give you once in a lifetime experience. Snorkel or dive at the Turtle Bay.

Take a 4WD from Charles Knife Canyon  or Shothole Canyon Road to the Cape Range National Park. The 4 wheel drive or a quad bike is the best way to explore the beautiful coastline. Stay at the seaside town and soak in the beauty of the place. A walk at the Yardie Creek will take you closer to the wildflowers and wildlife.

If you want to enjoy the scenic beauty of the ocean, a 3- km walking trail which goes crossing Mandu mandu Gorge is something you should not miss.

You can also take a day tour to the Muiron Island. It is a desert island which is very tranquil and serene. The tropical water and marine life along with the island makes it an amazing place to visit. Camping here with your loved ones is an ultimate idea of romance.

The Ningaloo coast has so much to offer. It is so full of beauty and gorgeous view that no traveller would ever want to miss a visit at this place. So, you too, steal some time from your tour to Australia and visit the Ningaloo Coast.

Have you lost yourself in the magical land of the Ningaloo Coast leaving behind the world? Have you swam with the different marine creatures and treated your eyes with the stunning corals? Share your photographs and experiences here with us. We would love to hear from you.

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