Ninety Mile Beach, Australia

Location of Ninety Mile Beach

Australia has unarguably some of the best beaches in the world. Much has been said about the beauty of these majestic beaches. They are beautiful beyond words. As the name hints, Ninety Mile Beach is 90- mile long and one of the longest uninterrupted beaches of the world. The view of pristine golden sand in the contrast to the aqua blue of the sea is an enchanting sight. The most commendable thing about the beach is that it still remains untouched from human spoiling activities.

The beach is located on the south-eastern coastline of the East Gippsland region of Victoria, in Australia. It is distanced at about 260 km from Melbourne.

History of Ninety Mile Beach

The region around was inhabited by the Aboriginals in the past.

Things to do

The picturesque beauty of the beach is enthralling. The beach features sandy dunes which set apart a number of lakes and lagoons from the sea. The whole beach is loaded with serene beauty to refresh the soul. You can just laze around and watch the sea. There are huge chances of spotting a whale or two. You can also try to look for dolphins as well.

Sale, the town provides the main access to the beach the South Gippsland.

The beach is considered ideal for fishing, swimming and walking and surfing.

Woodside beach,

at the start of Ninety Mile Beach is another beach area, popular for swimming.

Adjacent to the beach is located the famous Ninety Mile Beach Marine National Park. The park is a major attraction for the tourist. It covers around five km of the beach. Simply because the beach is considered to have one of the most diverse species of aquatic lives. With 860 species per 10 m2, evidently says about the richness of the aquatic flora and fauna. You can see from worms, molluscs, crustaceans, corals, octopuses to the giants such as whale and dolphins as well.

The camping is allowed in the park for the complete beach experience.

Besides the rich diversity of the marine species, the park is also popular for the historical display of the Aboriginals. The remains of the ancient culture and history can be seen in the quanta.

Rotamah Island,

a part of the Lakes National Park features a mighty bird observatory. The boats will get you there to enjoy watching some of the rare species of the bird. The picnics can also be enjoyed at Sperm Whale Head in the Lakes National Park. While trailing on the beach Wildlife, there is a great chance of spotting around of Kangaroos and Emus. They keep wandering around the area.

The towns located nearby the beach offers many options for tourism as well. They also provide the great food and accommodation to the tourists. Some towns also have quite a history attached to them.

The shopping for local art and crafts is also popular among the tourists.


The Ninety Mile beach has the largest marine species density in the whole world. It provides refuge to more than 860 species.

Interesting Fact

The Gippsland Lakes, besides which the beach situated, is the largest inland water system in the Southern Hemisphere.


The whole tour of the beach can be soul rejuvenating. But what did you enjoy the most? The longs walk on the beach or the whale spotting? Do share your photographs and experiences here

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