Nigel Farage versus David Cameron EU Debate

Nigel Farage versus David Cameron EU Debate

Nigel Farage versus David Cameron EU Debate – With the European Union (EU) referendum on British membership looming, arranging a debate between two leading figures is essential for a healthy democracy. At Australia Unwrapped we would like to offer a neutral territory for Mr. Farage and Prime Minister Cameron to come together and put forward their respective sides to the EU Debate.

When will the EU referendum be held?

23 June 2016

Proposed date for the Debate

1st June 2016 at 19:00 GMT

Proposed Length of Debate

90 Minutes

Nigel Farage versus David Cameron EU Debate – Value of Debate

Why are debates important for democracy?

“For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate.”

Margaret Heffernan

“Deliberation and debate is the way you stir the soul of our democracy.”

Jesse Jackson

“Debate and divergence of views can only enrich our history and culture.”

Ibrahim Babangida

For millennia debate has formulated the very essence of being human, it allows two sides to analyze a topic, put forward their arguments and learn from each other for the betterment of the human experience.

Nigel Farage versus David Cameron EU Debate – Key Factors

Key Factors for debate:

Membership fee – What we get for our money

Trade – How leaving the EU will hurt or help our ability to trade globally

Investment – The money we spend on the EU how that could be better spent at home

Immigration – How immigration is being managed as a member of the EU

Jobs – How will leave the EU effect British jobs for British Workers

Britain’s World Standing – UN, WTO, IMF,  G7, G20, Commonwealth of Nations

Security – How will we better secure our boarders once out of the EU

Note to all – This is not a closed list please comment with any inclusion exclusion you think would contribute.

Lets take a look at some social media opinions on the Nigel Farage versus David Cameron EU Debate:

Within 5 hours this tweet had generated huge interest, and positives around the potential  for a live debate, thus enabling informed opinion on the EU referendum.

There is a clear history between these two major players in the EU referendum saga

Some polls suggest that Mr. Farage is even more popular than the Prime Minister

The debate has already been discussed by others, with a petition asking to schedule a debate given to the BBC, ITV and Sky.


Nigel Farage versus David Cameron EU Debate – Contact Them

Debate is a method of formally presenting an argument in a disciplined manner. The forum will give both parties equal opportunity to present there cases, with responses to statements allocated time also. No new constructive arguments may be introduced in the rebuttal period. The affirmative must, if possible, reply to the major negative arguments before the last rebuttal.

Of course for the time being this is just one possibility, but please write to Nigel Farage and David Cameron to discuss the possibility of a debate. Not only will it contribute to the EU debate, it may also clear up some areas of policy that at present are clearly lacking from the public’s perspective.

Nigel Farage Twitter

David Cameron making a strong Argument for Vote Remain something about Mobile Phone charges.

The Debate must be had, Britain needs to choose23rd June 2016

‘Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?’

‘Remain a member of the European Union’


‘Leave the European Union’.

Please comment and contribute have your say on the debate

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Nigel Farage versus David Cameron EU Debate

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With Nigel Farage’s call out of the PM its going to be difficult for him to say no!

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