Nigel Farage – UK Owes Him a Debt

Nigel Farage – UK Owes Him a Debt

Brexit came despite speculation that the Leave team would carry the day. That led to the resignation of UK Prime Minister, David Cameron. If history will cast him villain role after Brexit, then Nigel Farage will be considered the puppet master in the wings.

The referendum attracted 33 million voters, nearly half of whom chose to vote for Leave. The then UKIP leader declared this victory “for the people, by ordinary people and decent people.”

Even though Farage was not an official member of the Leave campaign, he clearly had a central role in the victory. He inspired revolt among the Eurosceptics within Cameron’s camp.

At the word of the resigned UKIP leader, the Prime Minister himself fell.

Nigel Farage – The Man Explored

Farage has been on political fringes for a long time. It is ironical to note that he was a member of the European parliament, but campaigning against the EU. He was once a Conservative Party MP. But after Britain signed the Maastricht Treaty and created the EU and the euro, he stepped out. He started the UKIP whose mandate was to oppose the European Union and forge the withdrawal of Britain.

But he and his party have not had a joyful space in mainstream British politics. He lost both the 2010 and 2015 general elections. As at the moment, there is only one UKIP lawmaker in parliament.

After the 2015 elections, he was ready to step out of politics. He even offered to resign but UKIP members asked him to hang on. Actually, the party’s number of votes went up but the “first-past-the-post” system of voting left him with only one lawmaker.

UK Owes Him

The 24th of June is a date that will forever stick with Nigel Farage. He held onto his immigration views that resonated with many Britons. He feared that as immigration increases, the already-stretched housing and health services would soon be overwhelmed.

Many wrote off Nigel Farage as a lunatic and dismissed the likely of Brexit happening. But his presumably “tiny” idea would soon be supported by 17 million voters. With that, Britain got its power back. The ability to make its laws, control its borders and run its own country.

It is undeniable that he successfully pioneered the Brexit campaign which is now dominating in UK political agenda. Probably he will still do so in the foreseeable future.

Farage to Join the Conservatives?

So far, we have all heard of the news that Nigel Farage stepped down as the UKIP leader. This was expected, considering that the party limited his possibilities.

It is clear that he will still retain his position as an MEP in the coming two years (ironic?). His preference is that Britain to get a “Brexit Prime Minister,” sentiments held by other Leave campaigners.

The Conservative party still holds onto power and will likely do so until 2020.

After the resignation of David Cameron, five Conservative MPs have shown interest in the Tory leadership. These are Andrea Leadsom, Liam Fox, Theresa May, Stephen and Crabb, Michael Gove. Currently, the bookie’s favorite PM is Andrea Leadsom.

During the Andrew Marr Show, Leadsom commented on the support she got from UKIP and in particular Nigel Farage.

“I’m delighted by the wide range of support but what we need is somebody who will lead the campaign and really believes in the opportunities of leaving the EU,” Nigel stated.

You may view that statement in whichever way, but it sounds as though referring to Nigel Farage. If Farage has the intentions of being a Conservative member, chances are he will get a warm welcome.

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