Nevil Shute’s Top 10 Popular and Famous Quotes

Ten of My Favourite Nevil Shute Quotes 

Quotes, who doesn’t love a good quote? This series of articles we look at Top 10 Famous Quotes by Author Nevil Shute, author quotes are always a challenge and fun to pick, with Nevil Shute you will find my Ten favourites of Nevil Shute’s quotes. 

Popular Quotes

“Without work men are utterly undone.”
― Nevil Shute, Ruined City

 “I know you’ve taken risks to do these things. Do Please be careful.”
“Don’t worry about me,” he said. “You’ve got enough troubles on your own plate, my word. But we’ll come out all right, so long as we just keep alive, that’s all we got to do. Just keep alive another two years, till the war’s over.”
― Nevil Shute, A Town Like Alice

“It’s not the end of the world at all,” he said. “It’s only the end for us. The world will go on just the same, only we shan’t be in it. I dare say it will get along all right without us.”
― Nevil Shute, On the Beach

 “She looked at him in wonder. “Do people think of me like that? I only did what anybody could have done.”
“That’s as it may be,” he replied. “The fact is, that you did it.”
― Nevil Shute, A Town Like Alice

 “If what they say is right we’re none of us going to have time to do all that we planned to do. But we can keep on doing it as long as we can.”
― Nevil Shute, On the Beach

 “Some games are fun even when you lose. Even when you know you’re going to lose before you start. It’s fun just playing them.”
― Nevil Shute, On the Beach

“You cannot argue stupidity, you just have to accept it patiently as one of those things.”
― Nevil Shute, Round the Bend

 “I’m glad we haven’t got newspapers now. It’s been much nicer without them.”
― Nevil Shute, On the Beach

“It’s no good going on living in the ashes of a dead happiness.”
― Nevil Shute, A Town Like Alice

“Maybe we’ve been too silly to deserve a world like this.”
― Nevil Shute, On the Beach

10 Famous Quotes by Author Nevil Shute

So there you have it my Ten favourite quotes by Nevil Shute, please comment below and share your favourite quotes by the fantastic author Nevil Shute.  Furthermore, if you find any Authors not covered for there, top 10 quotes let me know and I will review their works and find some of their best quotes as has been done here for Nevil Shute. 

One Final Bonus – Nevil Shute Quote 

“You know,” he said, “now that I’ve got used to the idea, I think I’d rather have it this way. We’ve all got to die one day, some sooner and some later. The trouble always has been that you’re never ready, because you don’t know when it’s coming. Well, now we do know, and there’s nothing to be done about it. I kind of like that. I kind of like the thought that I’ll be fit and well up till the end of August and then – home. I’d rather have it that way than go on as a sick manfrom when I’m seventy to when I’m ninety.”

― Nevil Shute, On the Beach

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