Netflix’s Q4’22 Earnings Impress – Is the Stock Now a Buy?

Netflix Inc. is a popular streaming giant and one of the most well-known companies in the world. The company has been performing exceptionally well over the past few years, and its stock price has seen an impressive increase as a result. Recently, Netflix reported its Q4 earnings for 2021 which impressed investors with revenue growth increasing by 24% year-over-year. This news caused NFLX stock to surge by 8%, leading to increased optimism among investors. 

Netflix’s Q4 Report Overview

The Q4 report for Netflix provided investors with an overview of the company’s financial performance over the past year. In it, investors were given a glimpse into how well the streaming giant had been performing, with revenue increasing by 24% from the same period last year. This impressive growth rate was driven largely by subscription increases across both domestic and international markets. 

The highlights of Netflix’s fourth-quarter report included strong subscriber growth worldwide, increased revenues and profits, as well as progress on its content portfolio strategy. Specifically, they reported a 28% increase in global subscribers to 204 million users while total revenue grew.

Beating analyst expectations of around 6%. Net income also rose 17%, reaching $585M USD which is more than double what analysts expected ($278M). These figures indicate that despite economic challenges faced during 2020 like lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Netflix still managed to grow its business significantly thanks largely to successful investments in original content production throughout the years.

Reasons Behind Netflix’s Q4 Earnings Impression

There are several reasons why investors have been so impressed with Netflix’s latest earnings report, firstly there has been strong subscriber growth indicating that people are still willing to pay for premium streaming services.

Their expansion into international markets has helped them tap into new sources of revenue, they have achieved success through investing heavily in producing high-quality original content, and finally, they have maintained profitability despite difficult economic circumstances thanks largely to effective cost-cutting measures implemented over recent years.

Netflix’s Financials

The income statement for Netflix provides investors with an insight into the company’s financial performance over a given period. It includes various figures such as revenue, expenses, and net profit. Looking at the Q4 report, we can see that total revenues increased by 25%.

It is largely attributed to strong subscriber growth across both domestic and international markets. Operating expenses also rose in line with this increase in revenue but were still able to remain relatively low compared to other streaming competitors, helping boost net profits by 17%.

What Does This Mean for Investors?

Netflix is a formidable company with a successful track record and strong financials. The Q4 report revealed impressive revenue growth, increased profits, and subscriber growth which indicates that the company’s strategy of investing in content production has been effective and gives investors and brokers like easymarkets confidence going forward.

Despite this however, there are still some risks associated with investing in Netflix such as its reliance on subscription revenues which could be affected by changing consumer tastes or the emergence of new competitors.

Overall, Netflix stands in an enviable position among streaming companies due to its strong brand recognition, extensive library of content, global reach, and growing subscriber base. As such it presents an attractive investment opportunity for those interested in either short-term speculation or long-term capital appreciation through share price increases over time.

Is Netflix’s stock still expensive?

Over the past year, Netflix’s stock has faced a significant decline, but the company’s operations are far from being in peril. Despite the struggles faced by traditional media giants like Disney, Warner Bros., and Discovery as they pour billions into their streaming ventures, Netflix continues to thrive with profitable growth.

In 2022, the company generated a healthy $1.62 billion in free cash flow, compared to a negative figure of $159 million in the previous year. And with projections of at least $3 billion in 2023, Netflix has ample funds to invest in new content and advancements.

However, despite modest single-digit growth projections for 2023, Netflix’s stock is still priced as a high-growth option, with a forward price-to-earnings ratio of 30. In comparison, the faster-growing Disney is trading at a more reasonable 24 times forward earnings, while the slower-growing Paramount is valued even lower at 14.


Overall, Netflix’s Q4 report was impressive and caused its stock price to surge by 8%. Investors were pleased with the strong revenue growth, increased profits, and subscriber growth which indicates that their content production strategy has been successful. The company also benefits from a healthy balance sheet providing them access to funds should they need it as well as potential future dividend payments.

While there are some risks associated with investing in Netflix, such as changes in consumer tastes or competition from other streaming companies, overall the company presents an attractive investment opportunity for those looking for both short-term speculation and long-term capital appreciation. It is therefore recommended that investors seriously consider investing in Netflix’s stock if they are optimistic about the company’s future prospects.

Despite the stock decline, Netflix remains profitable and is projecting significant growth in 2023. Despite single-digit growth projections, it is still valued as a high-growth option compared to competitors. The company has ample funds for investment in new content and advancements.

The impressive revenue growth increased profits, subscription increases across domestic markets, expanding international presence, strong brand recognition, and extensive library of content, all point towards a bright future for Netflix going forward, making it an attractive option for investors who are looking for both capital appreciation through share price increases over time or short term speculation opportunities.

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