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List of books by Neil Plakcy

List of Books by Neil Plakcy with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Neil Plakcy. Find my selection in date order of Neil Plakcy’s novels.

Neil Plakcy List of Books to Read

Mahu Books

Mahu (2005)          

Mahu Surfer            (2007)          

Mahu Fire     (2008)          

Mahu Vice    (2009)          

Mahu Men   (2010)          

Mahu Blood (2011)          

Zero Break   (2012)          

Natural Predators  (2013)          

Children of Noah    (2015)          

Ghost Ship    (2016)          

Golden Retriever Mystery Books

In Dog We Trust     (2010)          

The Kingdom of Dog         (2011)          

Dog Helps Those     (2012)          

Whom Dog Hath Joined   (2014)          

Dog Have Mercy    (2015)          

Honest to Dog         (2016)          

Dog is in the Details           (2017)          

Angus Green Books

The Next One Will Kill You           (2016)          

Nobody Rides For Free     (2017)          

Survival is a Dying Art       (2018)          

Have Body, Will Guard Books

Three Wrong Turns in the Desert          (2009)          

Dancing with the Tide       (2010)          

Teach Me Tonight  (2011)          

Olives for the Stranger     (2012)          

Under the Waterfall          (2013)          

The Noblest Vengeance    (2014)          

Finding Freddie Venus      (2015)          

A Cold Wind (2016)          

Got 15 Minutes? Books

The Six Year Itch     (2011)          

Love On… Books

Love on Site (2013)          

Love on Stage          (2014)          

Love on the Pitch   (2015)          

Love on the Boil      (2017)          

Shifting Through The Snow Books

Love Shift     (2017)          

Standalone Novels

Invasion of the Blatnicks  (2000)   (2009)          

At the Diner (2010)          

Pledge Class and Other College Boy Erotica   (2010)          

Tough Guy Erotica (2010)          

Guardian Angel of South Beach (2010)          

The Outhouse Gang          (2010)          

Mr. Surfer and Other Gay Erotica         (2010)          

Mi Amor       (2011)          

The Handsome Prince       (2011)          

Soul Kiss        (2011)          

The Russian Boy      (2011)          

The Buchanan Letters       (2012)          

Genie for Hire         (2013)          

The Cat Who Got Married           (2015)          

Love on the Web    (2015)          

In His Kiss      (2018)          

Short Stories/Novellas

Rhiannon      (2011)          

Noche Buena           (2011)          

Lights Out, Valentine         (2012)          

Waves of Gold and Smoke          (2012)          

Mixed Up      (2012)          

Third Night   (2012)          

Photo Booth            (2013)          

Creeling the Bridegroom  (2014)          

Kimo & Mike            (2015)          

Holiday Treat Recipes for Special Dogs            (2015)          

The Sea Between Us          (2015)          

Non-Fiction Books

Paws and Reflect    (2006)                                                                                  

List of books by Neil Plakcy

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Neil Plakcy. If we missed any be sure to let us know in comments of via the Contact Us.

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