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List of Books by Nancy Krulik with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Nancy Krulik. Find my selection in date order of Nancy Krulik’s novels.

Nancy Krulik List of Books to Read

Princess Pulverizer Books

Grilled Cheese and Dragons        (2018)          

Worse, Worser, Wurst     (2018)          

Bad Mooooove!     (2018)          

Quit Buggin’ Me!    (2018)          

Watch That Witch!            (2019)          

The Dragon’s Tale  (2019)          

Lassie Books

The Puppy Problem           (1989)          

Digging Up Danger            (1989)          

The Big Blowup       (1989)          

Water Watchdog   (1990)          

The Skateboard Dare        (1990)          

Dangerous Party    (1990)          

A Boy’s Best Friend            (1990)          

The Skateboard Stunt       (1990)          

Norfin Trolls Books

Ralph Troll’s New Bicycle (1992)          

Ballerina Trolls On Their Toes     (1993)          

Free Willy Books

Free Willy     (1995)          

Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home       (1995)          

Free Willy 3: The Rescue  (1997)          

Adventures Of Mary-Kate & Ashley Books

The Case of the Fun House Mystery     (1996)          

The Case of the Shark Encounter          (1997)          

Magic School Bus Books

Butterfly and the Bog Beast        (1996)          

Magic School Bus Going Batty    (1996)          

The Magic School Bus Goes Upstream (1997)          

The Magic School Bus in a Pickle           (1998)          

The Magic School Bus Plays Ball (1998)          

You’re Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley’s… Books

Hawaiian Beach Party       (1997)          

Doug Chronicles Books


Doug’s Big Comeback       (1997)          

Doug’s Vampire Caper      (1997)          

Doug Makes the Team      (1999)          

Doug Rules   (1999)          

Doug’s 1st Movie   (1999)          

Quest For Camelot Books

The Battle for Camelot      (1998)          

The Search for Excalibur  (1998)          

Mary-Kate & Ashley In Action Books

Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Walt Disney World Adventure     (1998)          

Lost In Space: The New Journeys Books

The Passengers       (1998)          

The Perils of Quadrant X  (1998)          

Journey to the Planet of the Blawps     (1998)          

The Virus      (1999)          

Floppy Friends Adventures Books

Floppy Friends Go to Camp         (1999)          

Floppy Friends Go to School       (1999)          

Sabrina The Teenage Witch: Salem’s Tails Books

Happily Ever After (1999)          

Rulin’ the School     (2000)          

Star Wars, Episode 1: Jedi Readers Books

Jar Jar’s Mistake     (1999)          

Rugrats Books

Tommy’s Last Stand          (1999)          

Angelica the Grape            (2000)          

Stupid Cupid            (2001)          

Moffatts On The Road Books

Double Play (2000)          

Home is Where the Heart Is        (2000)          

All for One and One for All          (2000)          

No Secrets: The Story Of A Girl Band Books

The First Cut            (2001)          

Sneaking Around   (2001)          

Spring Fever            (2001)          

In the Spotlight       (2001)          

Katie Kazoo Switcheroo Books

Anyone but Me       (2002)          

Out to Lunch           (2002)          

Oh, Baby!     (2002)          

Girls Don’t Have Cooties  (2002)          

I Hate Rules!            (2003)          

Get Lost!       (2003)          

Drat! You Copy Cat!          (2003)          

Doggone It!  (2003)          

Any Way You Slice It         (2003)          

Quiet On the Set!   (2003)          

No Messin’ with My Lesson         (2004)          

No Bones about It  (2004)          

On Your Mark, Get Set, Laugh!  (2004)          

Friends for Never   (2004)          

Love Stinks! (2004)          

Bad Rap         (2005)          

Write On!     (2005)          

Karate Katie (2006)          

Gotcha! Gotcha Back!       (2006)          

Be Nice to Mice       (2006)          

I’m Game      (2006)          

It’s Snow Joke         (2006)          

Open Wide   (2007)          

No Biz Like Show Biz         (2007)          

My Pops Is Tops!    (2007)          

Something’s Fishy  (2007)          

Flower Power         (2008)          

Free the Worms     (2008)          

Major League Mess-Up    (2008)          

Horsing Around      (2009)          

Tip-Top Tappin’ Mom!      (2009)          

Going Batty  (2009)          

Red, White, and–Achoo! (2010)          

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!    (2010)          

Don’t Be Such a Turkey!   (2010)          

Three Cheers for…Who? (2011)          

All’s Fair        (2013)          

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Collections

The Cordelia Collection     (2002)          

Sabrina The Teenage Witch Books

The Witch That Launched a Thousand Ships  (2002)          

Off to See the Wizard       (2002)          

What a Doll  (2003)          

Christmas Crisis       (2003)          

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Books

Cradle of Life Novelization          (2003)          

Bratz Books

Cloe    (2003)          

Jade    (2003)          

Sasha (2003)          

Yasmin           (2003)          

Model Friendship   (2004)          

Will Work for Fashion       (2004)          

Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo Super Special Books

Who’s Afraid of Fourth Grade? (2004)          

A Whirlwind Vacation       (2005)          

Witch Switch           (2006)          

Camp Rules! (2007)          

On Thin Ice   (2007)          

Vote for Suzanne   (2008)          

Holly’s Jolly Christmas       (2009)          

Going Overboard! (2012)          

How I Survived Middle School Books

Can You Get an F in Lunch?         (2006)          

Madame President            (2006)          

I Heard a Rumor     (2007)          

Cheat Sheet (2008)          

P.S. I Really Like You          (2008)          

Who’s Got Spirit?   (2008)          

It’s All Downhill from Here          (2009)          

Caught in the Web (2009)          

Into the Woods       (2009)          

Wish Upon A Star   (2009)          

How The Pops Stole Christmas   (2009)          

I Thought We Were Friends!      (2010)          

Appleville Elementary Books

First Day       (2009)          

Fire Alarm!   (2009)          

The 100th Day        (2009)          

Fooled You! (2010)          

George Brown, Class Clown Books

Super Burp! (2010)          

Trouble Magnet      (2010)          

World’s Worst Wedgie     (2010)          

What’s Black and White and Stinks All Over?            (2011)          

Wet and Wild!         (2011)          

Help! I’m Stuck in a Giant Nostril!         (2011)          

Attack of the Tighty Whities!      (2012)          

Hey! Who Stole the Toilet?         (2012)          

Dance Your Pants Off!      (2013)          

Three Burps and You’re Out       (2013)          

Eww! What’s on My Shoe?         (2013)          

Lice Check    (2014)          

How Do You Pee in Space?         (2014)          

‘Snot Funny (2014)          

A Royal Pain in the Burp   (2015)          

Revenge of the Killer Worms      (2015)          

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Toiletman!   (2016)          

George Brown        (2016)          

Return to the Scene of the Burp            (2017)          

Jack Gets A Clue Books

The Case of the Beagle Burglar   (2011)          

The Case of the Tortoise In Trouble      (2011)          

The Case of the Green Guinea Pig         (2011)          

The Case of the Loose-Toothed Shark  (2012)          

George Brown, Class Clown Super Special Books

The Twelve Burps of Christmas  (2012)          

Keep On Burpin’     (2012)          

Burp or Treat . . . Smell My Feet!           (2014)          

Magic Bone Books

Be Careful What You Sniff For    (2013)          

Catch That Wave    (2013)          

Follow That Furball            (2013)          

Nice Snowing You! (2014)          

Go Fetch!      (2014)          

Don’t Mess with the Ninja Puppy!        (2014)          

Dogs Don’t Have Webbed Feet  (2015)          

Rootin’ Tootin’ Cow Dog  (2015)          

Pup Art          (2015)          

Broadway Doggie  (2016)          

Never Box with a Kangaroo        (2016)          

Project Droid Books

Science No Fair!      (2016)          

Soccer Shocker       (2016)          

Pain in the Brain     (2017)          

My Robot Ate My Homework    (2017)          

Phone-y Friends     (2017)          

Give a ‘Bot a Bone  (2018)          

Someone’s Got a Screw Loose   (2018)          

Kid From Planet Z Books

Crash!            (2017)          

Don’t Sneeze           (2017)          

Standalone Novels

The Autobots’ Secret Weapon   (1985)          

The Kindles and the Lady of Light          (1985)          

Superman IV           (1987)          

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1989)          

Prince and the Pauper      (1990)          

Little Duck’s Easter Surprise        (1993)          

Shock Shots: Werewolves           (1993)          

Zombies        (1993)          

Three Ninja’s Kick   (1994)          

Getting Even with Dad      (1994)          

The Mask for Mayor!        (1995)          

Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco    (1995)          

Disney’s the Wind in the Willows          (1996)          

Space Jam    (1996)          

Jungle2jungle          (1997)          

Hades: The Truth at Last  (1997)          

The Mighty Ducks: Power Play  (1997)          

Disney’s Mr. Magoo          (1997)          

Home Alone 3         (1997)          

Mulan Saves the Day        (1998)          

98 Degrees and Rising to the Top!        (1999)          

Boys, Boys, Boys     (2000)          

From the Mouths of Babes          (2000)          

Wherefore Art Thou… Josh?      (2000)          

No Matzoh for Me!           (2003)          

Ripped at the Seams          (2004)          

Opposites Everywhere     (2004)          

Ice-Cream Dreams (2004)          

I Spy an Eye (2005)          

Newly Wed  (2005)          

Rhyme Time (2005)          

Robots           (2005)          

She’s Got the Beat  (2005)          

Dawn’s Early Light (2006)          

Love & Sk8   (2008)          

New Girl (How I Survived Middle School)       (2008)          

Puppy Love  (2008)          

Picture Books

Curious George Makes a Splash!           (1985)          

Curious George Saves the Day   (1986)          

I Am Curious About Numbers     (1987)          

The Nutcracker       (1987)          

Kissyfur         (1988)          

Big Top Pee-Wee    (1988)          

Meet the Presidents          (1988)          

The kid’s sing-along activity book          (1989)          

Volcanoes     (1990)          

My Picture Book of the Planets  (1991)          

Colors            (1991)          

Letters           (1991)          

Save the Animals!  (1991)          

My Math Workbook         (1992)          

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Kevin’s Christmas Vacation Scrapbook         (1992)          

Jesse’s Full House Snapshot Album       (1993)          

Penny and the Four Questions   (1993)          

Saved By the Bell    (1994)          

The Little Rascals Storybook       (1994)          

Richie Rich    (1994)          

Anastasia      (1997)          

Pepper Ann: Soccer Sensation   (1998)          

Cat’s Big Night / Dog Behind Bars          (1999)          

Is It Hanukkah Yet?            (2000)          

Who’s Hiding, Josh?          (2001)          

Ice Age          (2002)          

Animal Friends        (2004)          

Playing with Numbers      (2004)          

Chapter Books

Lucy’s Advice           (2002)          

50 State Quarters Non-Fiction Books

Georgia         (2000)          

Pennsylvania           (2000)          

Maryland      (2001)          

New York      (2001)          

Non-Fiction Books

Hot Dog!       (1989)          

Animals on the Job            (1990)          

The Dick Tracy Fun Book of Puzzles, Games and Jokes       (1990)          

Wacky Word Searches     (1990)          

M.C. Hammer and Vanilla Ice     (1991)          

All About the 50 States     (1992)          

Shannen Doherty   (1992)          

The Crazy About Kris Kross Scrapbook            (1993)          

Princess Diana         (1993)          

The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt (1996)          

The Story of Stained Glass           (1996)          

101 Tips For Being a Best Friend            (1997)          

The Complete Hanson      (1998)          

Taylor Hanson: Totally Taylor     (1998)          

Leonardo DiCaprio: A Biography           (1998)          

Pop Quiz       (1998)          

Don’t Stress!            (1998)          

1001 Ways To Be A Best Friend (1998)          

How to Be a Friend Forever        (1998)          

Doug Puzzlers         (1998)          

‘N Sync With Jc       (1999)          

Sizzling Soap Stars (1999)          

My Very First Winnie the Pooh Puzzlers         (1999)          

Ricky Martin            (1999)          

Pop Goes Latin!      (1999)          

Pop Quiz Country Music  (1999)          

The Friendship Hotline     (1999)          

Bead Power!            (1999)          

Best Friends (1999)          

Second to None      (2000)          

Raise Your Child’s Self       (2000)          

Angels!          (2000)          

Joshua Jackson       (2000)          

Frankie Muniz Boy Genius           (2000)          

Jim Carrey    (2000)          

Isaac Hanson: Totally Ike (2001)          

Who Do You Love?            (2001)          

2 Grrrls: Pillow Talk           (2001)          

The Heath Is On!    (2001)          

A Best Friend and 999 Other Things to Make You Happy  (2001)          

Prom!            (2002)          

Sarah Hughes          (2002)          

Lisa Lopes: The Life of a Supernova      (2002)          

Vin Diesel      (2002)          

Hilary Duff   (2003)          

Adam Brody: So Adorkable!       (2004)

List of books by Nancy Krulik

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Nancy Krulik. If we missed any be sure to let us know in comments of via the Contact Us.

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