What You MUST Do Before Buying A Second Hand Car

Things You Must Do Before Buying Second Hand Car

Unfortunately, not everyone has the funds to buy new. Some of us have to go with secondhand. This is all very well expect for one thing: you don’t want to get ripped off. The truth is that buying a used car is tricky. There are certain things you must look for. Here are a few of them.


You obviously want to avoid replacing the tires, especially since you’ve just spent money on a new car. Save yourself the trouble of doing this by checking the tires before buying. Make sure that the tread is worn evenly and that all tires match. Remember, problems with the tires could mean problems with the car itself. For example, unevenly worn tires could mean issues with the steering or suspension.


You need to check if the car has high or low mileage. One average, most cars clock up around 20,000 km per year. Divide what’s on the odometer by the vehicle’s age. Obviously, a car with high mileage will have more problems.


You don’t want to deal with broken electronics. Turn the radio on and check other components such as the indicator, air conditioning, and heat.


Upholstery costs a fortune to repair, or even clean. Take a quick look at the condition of the front and back seats. Look for things like stains, tears, or cracks (if the upholstery is leather.)

Paint / Rust

Walk around the car and look for rust or chipped paint. Small patches of rust aren’t a big deal. These can be easily fixed. You want to look for areas where the metal is rusted through completely.


Just because the owner seems like an honest person, doesn’t necessarily mean they are. Basically, you need to research the car before buying it. You can do this by getting the VIN number and running it through a service like CarFacts.


Open the hood and look for issues like cracked belts and hoses. At the same time look for corrosion. Also check the oil and transmission dipsticks. You want oil that’s light brown and transmission fluid which is pink or red. Discoloration is a big sign of issues.


Walk around the car and look for problems. Check if the car sits level on the ground. Also see if anything is hanging from the undercarriage. Take a look at the bumpers. Look inside the bonnet and boot. If you see warping or new bolts, it could indicate that the car was in an accident.

Test Drive

Take the car on a test drive. This won’t always help you find issues, but it does help. Test things like acceleration, and braking. The best place to do this is on a highway. It’s also important that you parallel park the car. This helps you discover if the car has blind spots.


Before buying a second hand car you may want to do is get an actual mechanic to inspect the car. After all, a professional can do a far better job than you ever could.

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