5 Movies Like Rescued by Ruby to Watch

Best Movies Like Rescued by Ruby

Here is our list of Movies like Rescued by Ruby that we are sure you will enjoy. As he chases his dream of joining an elite K-9 unit, a state trooper joins forces with a fellow underdog, a clever, but naughty shelter pup named Ruby. Ruby had a lot of energy. Due to her generally “unmanageable” personality, her original owner surrendered her to the Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. After being adopted, the cute pup was returned five times. It looked pretty grim for the border collie/Australian shepherd mix. Daniel O’Neil was smitten with her just hours before he was scheduled to be euthanized.

Rescued by Ruby Related Movies List


Year: 2019

Director: Ericson Core

This is the story of Togo, the sled dog who won the serum run in 1925 despite the fact that he was considered too small and weak to compete in such an intense race.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

Year: 2009

Director: Lasse Hallström

An abandoned dog that a college professor takes into his home develops a strong bond with him.


Year: 2021

Director: Aleksandr Domogarov

This film is based on the true story of a shepherd dog named Palm who was inadvertently left in the airport by her owner. In the airport, the dog befriends Nicholas, a nine-year-old boy whose mother passes away leaving him with a new father, a pilot who finds the dog. This is a story about amazing adventures, true friendship, and unconditional love.

A Dog’s Way Home

Year: 2019

Director: Charles Martin Smith

This is the story of a female dog who travels four hundred miles across the Colorado wilderness in search of her owner.

Red Dog

Year: 2011

Director: Kriv Stenders

It is based on the legend of the Red Dog, a dog at the time of the Australian outback in search of his long lost master, who unite a disparate community while roaming the outback in search of his long lost master.

The Best Movies Like Rescued by Ruby

I hope you find something on this list you will enjoy; if you like Rescued by Ruby, we are sure you will enjoy the rest of these titles. Comment below on other movies you have enjoyed similar to Rescued by Ruby.

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