Mountain Bike Buying Tips From the Experts

Mountain Bike Buying Tips

Are you going to buy a mountain bike for yourself? Do you need it for Enduro racing or just a commuting bike for trails? 

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In either case, you have to research first before deciding on a big purchase. There are numerous factors that you should keep in mind while choosing the right bike for your riding.

To ease your problem, we have enlisted top buying tips from the experts. Have a look at them and select the one that suits you the most.

  • Hardtail or Full Suspension?

If you are new to mountain bikes, hardtail and full suspension are two major types of MTB (mountain bikes). Selection between them based on the type of ground you are going to ride plus your budget. The main difference between these two types is the number and position of suspension.

Hardtail mountain bikes have only one suspension in front forks. That makes its design less complex and less expensive as well. For a beginner, it would be the best choice as it provides an easy grip on off-road riding. Also, its lightweight design is good for all types of bike ridings.

Full suspension bikes have front as well as rear suspension. These are good for long off-road rides on bumpy and rocky terrain. For people having back or knee pain, full-suspension mountain bikes will be a good option. 

  • Set Aside Some Budget

High-quality bikes are generally expensive. You should commit your cash wisely and keep some budget back in case your bike needs any type of upgrading in the future. Check out some of the best Mountain bikes under 1000 dollars each, with all the essential features of your choice. And try to save some money to buy other riding accessories for your mountain biking trip.

  • Right Frame Size & Material

Frame size is the first parameter to check in a mountain bike. Choose the best fit in which you feel comfortable. There is no fixed size or number as some companies do not label specified sizes but just small, medium, or large. For this, you should get a trial ride to check which one is comfortable for you.

Frames are made of two types of materials: carbon or aluminium. Many features differentiate them that include weight, comfort, torsional stiffness, and strength.

  • Right Wheel Size

For some time, mountain bikes came in only a wheel size of 26″. Nowadays there are three different wheel sizes. You can choose according to your riding destiny and style.

26″ wheels are well suited for thrashing and narrow downhills. If you are riding on terrain full of obstacles, 27.5″ wheel size is ideal for your bike. Beginners can go for 29″ wheel size as they provide good grip and stability and easily roll over larger obstacles.

The market has a huge variety of bikes designed for different purposes. It is hard to choose the one that matches all your requirements and comes at a reasonable price too. Spare some time and go through this buying guide to get an idea of the best mountain bike for you.

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