Motivational Song – Duality of Life by Kiko Shy-Shy

Listen to Kiko Shy-Shy’s Duality of Life

In this article and upcoming articles as well we will see songs composed by Kiko Shy-Shy, one of the most underrated stars ever.

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Here’s the lyrics of the song,

Verse 1

Jump straight in, take a dive

Life is for living, enjoy the ride

Make some mistakes, do it wrong,

won’t take long to learn and move on

Memories we make, nobody can take, nobody can take


Feeling bad, feeling sad

Woe is me, let it be

Move along, sing a song and get back up on your feet

Moving forward, make it count, shout it out if need be

and appreciate the duality of life the duality of life

Verse 2

It always gets better, no matter where you are

Remember this, feel that bliss

Make a change, It’s your day,

it’s your time,

What are you going to do to set your own rhyme


Bridge/Verse 3

What’s that I hear you say?

You can’t do it? Maybe not today but

If you want it, go and get it,

It’s’s not over till you let it be, so…

Fight the fight, do it right, live that life, do it right


Stay tuned to listen to more of these amazing songs from Kiko Shy-Shy

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