Most Useful Advice On How To Write An Essay In A Hurry

Follow These Advice To Write a Quick Stunning Essay

Essay writing is one of the most daunting tasks that a college student might get. Most essay assignments have a short deadline, and students have to write in a hurry. If you want to find the motivation to write an essay quickly, the article below will help you a lot.

Eliminate All Distractions

Whenever someone asks me how to write an essay fast, I always tell them to eliminate all their distractions. Most students are bound by their social commitments. Whenever you are writing an essay, make sure that you eliminate all your distractions. A college student has to balance social and work life in order to succeed. Although, when you are writing an essay that is due in one hour, try to focus all your energy and time on that particular project. Here are some distractions and how to avoid them:

  • Social media is the biggest distraction that you might face. Whenever you are writing an essay, try to make sure that your smartphone is kept on silent. Even a single notification might make you lose focus, and you might end have to start the thinking process all over again.
  • Friends are the biggest cause of distraction among students. For instance, if you are writing an essay and your room is filled with people, it might get harder to concentrate. Try to write alone and in peace. You will soon realize that your speed has increased, and the output is impeccable.
  • Find a safe environment where your mind works the best. Different students have different definitions of ideal places to work. For example, some people might find it easier to work in a  coffee shop, and others might be more comfortable working in a park. Try to find your happy place and stick to it.

If you are still unable to factor out all your distractions, you can always consider an essay writing service like PerfectEssay. They have the best writers from all over the world to look after your assignments. Instead of working hours on an essay in a hurry, you can just let go of all your worries and ask someone to write your essay.

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Choose A Topic That Requires Little Research

The question of how to write a last-minute essay has a very simple answer. While choosing your topic, make sure that you find something that requires little research. Gathering information for the topic and finding relevant arguments is very important in essay writing. If you find an essay that requires extensive research, the odds are that you will be left with no time to start the essay. However, if you choose an easy essay, you can easily formulate the argument and complete it in the given time.

It might also be wise to choose a topic that is already familiar to you. For instance, if you have ever written an essay on Formula One Racing for a different subject, try to write a similar essay. Since you are in a time crunch, try to make as little effort as possible. Effort takes time, and that is a luxury you cannot afford. But always remember that writing something not carefully will land you a poor grade. Try to focus on the essay topic and find creative ways to minimize your research time.

Having An Outline

Planning for the essay well before the writing process helps cut your time a lot. If you ask me how to write a good essay fast, I will tell you to create an outline beforehand. This way, you will have to fill in your arguments and boom, the essay will be ready to cook. Let’s look at some major heading for a general essay outline:

  • The Introduction is the first part of your essay. Try to keep it short and precise. Make sure to use strong and captivating vocabulary to keep the work short. A long introduction looks very unprofessional, so take care of the word count.
  • The main body is the heart of the essay. In this part, write your main arguments. Try to write each argument in one paragraph to get easier for the reader to navigate the essay.
  • The Last part is the conclusion. Summarize the whole essay by reigniting the essay statement. Make sure to keep this part also short and use hooks to keep the reader’s attention.

Don’t Copy And Paste

Most students are tempted to copy and paste the entire essay using just because they do not have as much time. Never go for something like this, even in the most desperate times. If you copy an essay, it will surely show plagiarism software, and you might be awarded an F grade. This is a very unethical practice, and professors normally seek a high penalty for such an act.

Additionally, doing this will make you learn even less. You won’t have researched on the topic, and there will be zero productivity growth.

Don’t Take Too Many Breaks

Since you are in a hurry, taking several breaks will take up much time. Try to minimize your breaks and spend as much time on the essay as possible. Students who end up taking long pauses while writing an essay mostly end up with an incomplete assignment. Additionally, you might lose focus on the work at hand and have to start over again.

Obviously, bathroom breaks are allowed but don’t spend too much time on your phone in the bathroom. This makes you lose focus and gets you nowhere.

Stay Stress-Free

Whenever someone asks me how do I force myself to write an essay, I always tell them to stay calm and hydrated. Stress is something that will kill your essay. A mind free of all commitments will automatically speed up the writing process. Put your mind at ease by listening to mellow music and ensuring you are not under pressure. You will eventually see that your work is getting done on time.

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Proofread As You Write

After writing each paragraph, re-check it immediately. Now you won’t have to spend a significant amount of time proofreading at the end. This trick always gets the job done. Try to manage your time accordingly and divide each part of the essay into a time slot.

Writing an essay in a hurry is always challenging. But once you learn the tips above, you will soon realize that it’s not that difficult. If you still face any problems, several writing services will get the job done. Just give your essay to an expert, and relax!

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