Most Expensive To Cheapest – Unbelievable Amazon Products

Crazy Amazon Products -Most Expensive To Cheapest

Amazon really does have everything, doesn’t it? There’s not a single product you can’t find. However, finding it doesn’t necessarily mean affording it.

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1. Ultra Tech Tote Black

Be honest – what was your first reaction? Was it just a confused “huh?”? Yes, ours too. Over 300K for a purse? Okay, sure, it looks nice, modern, it’s leather, but don’t you think that 300 thousand dollars are just a little too much?

On the other hand, who knows? Maybe it includes gold bars in it, and you end up a rich person. You know how they say – He who dares win.

Buy Now : Ultra Tech Tote Black

2. Emerald Necklace

It’s a heart-shaped necklace with a white diamond. It is also available in 10K/14K/18K Gold. Well, at least this one offers something spesific, something that’s not a mystery box but an insanely pricey piece of jewellery. To all the husbands out there, I will sincerely pray for you that your wife doesn’t see this item.

Buy Now : Emerald Necklace

3. Yellow Gold Automatic Watch

Audemars Piguet made from Royal Oak. It’s an analogue watch containing 18K Yellow Gold. We have to admit – looks pretty amazing, to say the least. And now I will also pray for wives that your husbands don’t see this item.

Buy Now : Yellow Gold Automatic Watch

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4. Baseball Autographed Cards

This is a Mickey Mantle’s signed, authenticated and certified set of 4 cards. For true baseball fans, this is a must-have. However, money is also a must-have. And a lot of it.

Buy Now : Baseball Autographed Cards

5. Nikon Camera

Have you considered picking up photography as a hobby? If so, this piece of advanced technology is just the perfect first step. Just grab that 25K from your wallet and start shooting. Can’t be that hard, right? All jokes aside though, this actually is a fantastic piece of equipment, and professional photographers do use it.

Buy Now : Nikon Camera

Okay, now let’s get back to the reality – to us “mortals” who can actually afford something.

1. Wall Moon Sticker

It’s just a decorative 3D fluorescent moon sticker. You place it on your wall or ceiling, and that’s pretty much it. And surprisingly it doesn’t even look that bad. After all, what else can you expect for 1 cent?

Buy Now : Wall Moon Sticker

2. Wet n Wild Lipstick

We’re not going to mention the name of the product because, well, it could mean a lot of things. Be that as it may, it looks pretty ordinary to us. Go ahead, have a look, it won’t bite.

Buy Now : Wet n Wild Lipstick

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3. Skittles Candy

Finally, a cheap product we all love so much. And who doesn’t? Buy yourself some of that fruity, sugary goodness and enjoy. It’s Skittles – not much to think about.

Buy Now : Skittles Candy

4. Pill Organiser

Though we do our best to avoid thinking about medication A.K.A. getting older, it’s still very convenient and much needed, whether we like it or not.

Buy Now : Pill Organiser

5. Bunch Of Cool Stickers

There’s literally anything in this batch of stickers. Anything you can imagine – cute pandas, Rubik’s cube, famous people or cartoon characters, Lego sign, Rollingstone’s logo, unicorn and all kinds of witty messages. Also, they’re waterproof so you can even change your bathroom into a sticker world. Although your parents will probably not like that, it’s best to just stick with your room or backpack. 

Buy Now : Bunch Of Cool Stickers

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