Monkey Mia

Australia has many faces. All the faces are truly spectacular. One side of Australia is so close to the natural beauty, while the other is modern and urban. Likewise, one side is tranquil and serene, while the other is quite adventurous. One thing is for sure, that all the sides of this country are amazing and enticing.

Monkey Mia
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If you have zeroed out, which face you want to explore, it is well and good. But, if you are still figuring out which side of Australia to see first, here we lend you a helping hand. How about visiting a place that is a mix of the two?; a place where beauty meets adventure, serenity meets excitement. The Monkey Mia is the place. A heaven for dolphin lovers.

It is a place where the Bottlenose dolphins regularly visit the shore.

Location of Monkey Mia Australia

Monkey Mia is situated about 900 km north of Perth in Western Australia.


The word Mia has been derived from the Aboriginal word meaning home and the word Monkey comes from the pearling boat called Monkey that anchored there during the late 19th century. During 1890s there was a hub for fishing and pearling industries. In 1960s, a fishermen started feeding Bottlenose dolphins along with his wife at the shore. Gradually visitors started gathering to see the dolphins and information centre was opened im 1985. In November 1990, the water adjacent to Monkey Mia was declared a Marine Park.


Monkey Mia is one of the natural site for Dolphin spotting in the world.

The best thing about Monkey Mia is that, you can spend some leisurely moments here, lazying around, soaking in the sun and doing nothing, and also , you can see the Bottlenose Dolphins at the shore. The dolphins visit from 7:45 am in the morning to 12 noon.

The sun shines bright throughout the calendar. The white shell beach and the crystal blue water make it an amazing place to visit. It is one of the most beautiful place in Australia is quite popular with the tourists. Every year around 1 lakh tourists from every corner of the world, come here and enjoy a close encounter with wild dolphins.


The biggest attraction at the Monkey Mia is the Bottlenose dolphins that come very close to shore. Since more than fifty years, the dolphins have been coming here almost regularly. The dolphins are the major crowd puller at the Monkey Mia.

Things To Do

The things you can do to explore and enjoy the beauty of Monkey Mia is snorkeling, 4 wheel drive and snorkeling. Meeting the dolphins is a surplus advantage.

Monkey Mia gives some time to relax and spend some time away from the stress and city life. The natural beauty spread in all directions and cute dolphins, snatch all the worries from your head and give you some peace of mind. And where else would you get a chance to see this amazing water creature so closely. So, if you are in Australia make sure you visit Monkey Mia.

Monkey Mia is the best place to meet and greet dolphins. If you want to click some fun snaps with the dolphins and show them off at the social media, do visit Monkey Mia. But, if you have already been there, share it all with us here.

Main Image Source : Pixabay

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