Mindsight by Daniel Siegel: Book Review

Summary of Mindsight

That I like most? It would undoubtedly benefit any reader who goes through this book with a new technique.

A renowned psychologist suggests a new way to transform one’s life by connecting emotional awareness with the right reactions in one’s body. Language and the worlds have a profound effect on human beings. To be a forceful speaker and to leave an impact on others, one needs to invent words of one’s own. If one can do so, people will ask for more. For example, these days, the ted Talk speakers are following the same practice.

Dr Dam Siegel coined Mindsight- describing the skill of connecting the mind and body further, combining emotional intelligence with self-awareness and stoicism. This is a great prescription to bring improvement in relationships and control of one’s emotions. 

How can one achieve this in practice?

Practising observation, objectivity, openness, and being receptive and not reactive is an approach towards others. Thus, remaining calm and balanced like a river, one can be happy. Keeping a distance from extreme thoughts and theologies can prevent losing one’s mental peace. A sound balance between actions, emotions, and thoughts is the best way to move and live freely with the flow of life. 

The author suggests emotions are experiences in one’s life. So having control over emotions prevents a person from frustration. Another exercise showed by the author is one may imagine one’s mind as an ocean. This way, good thoughts, evil thoughts, pleasant emotions, destructive emotions all appear in mind, and sometimes turbulence may also occur as violent thoughts. All these things can be balanced well by not reacting to them. One must let the emotions, ideas come and pay, not disturb the bottom of the set mind.

The three critical factors of mindsight are observation, objectivity, and openness.

Maintaining good relationships is the basic premise of being receptive to approach and attitude with one’s near ones. The problem arises when one is reactive and engages in an argument. Such an attitude proves devastating in future & happy course of time. Thus one can maintain a happy relationship with near ones.

Communication is a must-have healthy relationship. One may disagree with others’ thoughts but must maintain a habit of listening attentively always. 

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