Anxiety: Mindfulness Is A Strategy For Calming This?

Focusing on the here and now is a strategy that, if learned, may be of assistance to us in the case that we are experiencing an anxiety attack. How do I go about putting it into practice, step by step?

Have you ever heard of mindfulness or paying attention to everything around you? Being completely present and conscious of your current location is the goal of this exercise. Observation is a necessary skill for accomplishing this goal.

The method known as 5-4-3-2-1 may be found within this discipline. It is helpful to direct our attention in this way to a physical activity that might assist us when we are experiencing anxiety.


Anxiety is a normal reaction that occurs in the body whenever it is exposed to a stressful circumstance. When the body recognizes an event as having the potential to be dangerous, it begins to make preparations to deal with it. Because of this, emotions of dread, uneasiness, and confusion about the events that are about to take place are triggered.

It is generally agreed that anxiety is the condition affecting most people all over the globe. According to a survey, it is projected that 284 million individuals are affected by it. Because of this, many people have already begun to refer to it as “the sickness of the 21st century.”

A professional in the field of mental health must determine your diagnosis in order to determine which kind of therapy will be most effective for you.


The 5-4-3-2-1 approach, which is based on the notion of mindfulness, assists in concentrating on the here and now by way of the senses. In the event that we are experiencing an anxiety attack, using this strategy will allow us to concentrate on a variety of items that are in our immediate environment.

For this exercise, all you will need is your eyes and your imagination, and you should strive to focus every bit of your attention on what you are doing. Look around the room you are in without putting too much thought into it, and select one of the following in the following order:

  • 5 things you can see at that moment
  • 4 sounds that you can hear -even if it is something minimal, like the wind or a noise from the street.
  • 3 things you can feel through touch
  • 2 smells you can identify
  • 1 that you can taste.

When the mind is locked up due to anxiety, this approach is perfect for releasing it. It gives you the opportunity to divert your thoughts away from things that can cause you to feel even more nervous. In addition, it is essential that you follow the method with calm and deep breathing throughout the process.

The sensation of not knowing what will happen in the future may be avoided by grounding oneself in the here and now via the use of all five senses.

When putting it into practice, jot down each thought on a separate sheet of paper if you have the chance to do so. This will enable you to concentrate on the activity with a greater level of intensity and to divert your thoughts from it more rapidly.

You are free to say it as many times as you feel is necessary! Remember that there is no response that is absolutely right. If, when putting it into practice, you realize that you cannot recall the precise sequence in which you are supposed to employ each sense, you are allowed to change the order. The fact that the 5-4-3-2-1 approach makes you feel better is the most crucial benefit of doing it.

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