Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Review Features and Specifications

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 How Old it is? Review Features and Specifications

 Get to know more about a tablet that can replace your laptop in this Microsoft Surface Pro 4 review. Microsoft Surface Pro is the pioneer in the hybrid laptop and has done exceptionally.

With a 12.3 inch display of greater resolution and Skylake processorsthe Surface Pro 4 is an upgrade over its predecessor.

Review Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Features and Specifications

First, let’s see what exactly term Hyrbid laptop defines. Hybrid and convertible laptops are the different terms that people use synonymously. With a hybrid laptop, you can detach the screen from the keyboard to use as a Tablet. Whereas in convertible laptops, the screen remains intact with the unit. Portability and the dual function of laptop & tablet is the real charm of hybrid laptops.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is the leading hybrid laptop. With its predecessor, Microsoft presented the product the was too close to give the laptop a competition. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 as fourth iteration full of vast improvements is absolutely ready to shake the laptop industry.

Microsoft jumped into laptops in 2012 with first iteration. Since then, what an incredible journey and with Surface Pro 4, it is giving real goose bumps to rivals.

Finally, Microsoft has unveiled the latest 2 in 1 laptop and bloggers are gearing up for writing Microsoft Surface Pro 4 review. Now it’s time we should reveal its awesome features and unique design with top end technology.

 Microsoft Surface Pro 4 review | Design:

Since Surface Pro 3, iPad Pro, IdeaPad Miix 700 and Satellite Radius 12 were giving real hard time to this hybrid laptop. So designers of Microsoft have to deliver something incredible and exceptional. The main focus was to make use of accessories used by Surface Pro 3. The device team leader Panos and his crew have to be utterly creative about the improved design. The team is greatly intelligent and they let go things that were not necessary for the design.

The original footprint of the device is intact. Designers removed the capacitive Windows button to gain area for screen space. The bezels are thinner than last time, so screen size can be stretched to 12.3 inches. Woaaahhh! That’s a pretty big number.

In previous version, the resolution was 216 ppi with 2,160 x 1,440 pixels. Microsoft has maintained the aspect ratio of 3:2 with a weird resolution of 267 ppi with 2,736 x 1,824 pixels for boosting display quality.

New flashier back with Windows logo and has a thickness of 8.4mm( 9.1 mm in Surface 3), the difference is not that much.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 review | Performance:

When you buy a tech gadget, don’t compromise performance over design. Surface Pro 3 tried hard to thrive with “Haswell” gen 4 chip. While rivals were equipped with gen 5 chips and i7 core. Microsoft made a leap jump over its rivals, presented the device with Intel’s newest Skylake gen 6 chip. This way it will perform faster than its competitors like MacBook Air. Some versions of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 are gonna come with i7 core which is the fastest mainstream chip from Intel. Storage drive technology was also improvised with PCIe 3.0, so faster data transfer now.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 review | Keyboard:

The Keyboard is the most intrinsic component of Microsoft Surface Pro 4. That keyboard made Microsoft tout “ The Tablet that can replace laptop”. We are aware of detachable keyboard. The type cover of this hybrid laptop is thinner than its last version. Key spacing is improved for providing a better typing experience. Track-pad is made up of glass and 40 percent larger for giving more freedom to move a cursor. But yeah, still not lap friendly! That’s why Microsoft built Surface Book.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 review | Pen:

Top notch Pen of Surface Pro is the leading Stylus in the market now. No more stylus loop, it can be attached to one side of laptop with magnetic strip. There two buttons, one near to the tip and other on upper end. Second button now functions as eraser when you need to. For making the drawing process absolutely accurate, the pressure sensitivity level is 1,024. So you want thinner or thicker strokes, no problem when you have this pen.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 review | Battery Life:

As Surface Pro 4 is equipped with generation 6 chip set, it should be the most power efficient device on the earth. As per rumors and Microsoft claims that battery can be last for 9 hours.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 review | Release Date:

Surface Pro 4 will be sold on October 26. The pre-order was October 7, thousands of people want this device in their hands with the first lot.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 review | Price:

The starting price is $899.

Final Verdict:

Microsoft made their best efforts to replace a laptop with Microsoft Surface Pro 4. As it is absolutely evident after reading Microsoft Surface Pro 4 review. But this will give pretty hard competition to its rivals as it is coming with highest specs and features.

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