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List of books by Mickey Spillane

List of Books by Mickey Spillane with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Mickey Spillane. Find my selection in date order of Mickey Spillane’s novels.

Mickey Spillane List of Books to Read

Mike Hammer Books

I, the Jury     (1947)          

My Gun is Quick     (1950)          

Vengeance is Mine (1950)          

One Lonely Night   (1951)          

The Big Kill    (1951)          

Kiss Me Deadly        (1952)          

The Girl Hunters     (1962)          

The Snake     (1964)          

The Twisted Thing  (1966)          

The Body Lovers     (1967)          

Survival… Zero       (1970)          

The Killing Man       (1989)          

Black Alley    (1996)          

The Goliath Bone    (2008)          

Kiss Her Goodbye   (2009)          

The Big Bang            (2010)          

Lady, Go Die!           (2012)          

Complex 90  (2013)          

King of the Weeds  (2014)          

Kill Me, Darling       (2015)          

Murder Never Knocks      (2016)          

A Long Time Dead  (2016)          

The Will to Kill         (2017)          

Killing Town (2018)          

Murder, My Love   (2019)          

Tiger Mann Books

The Day of the Guns          (1964)          

Bloody Sunrise        (1965)          

The Death Dealers (1965)          

The By-Pass Control          (1966)          

Caleb York Books

The Legend of Caleb York            (2015)          

The Big Showdown            (2016)          

The Bloody Spur     (2018)          

Last Stage to Hell Junction           (2019)          

Standalone Novels

The Long Wait         (1951)          

The Deep      (1961)          

The Delta Factor     (1968)          

The Erection Set     (1972)          

Last Cop Out            (1973)          

The Day the Sea Rolled Back       (1979)          

The Ship That Never Was (1982)          

Something’s Down There            (2003)          

Dead Street  (2007)          

The Consummata   (2011)          

The Last Stand         (2018)          

Short Story Collections

Me, Hood     (1963)          

The Flier        (1964)          

Return of the Hood           (1964)          

Killer Mine    (1965)          

The Tough Guys      (1969)          

Vintage Spillane      (1974)          

Tomorrow I Die      (1984)                      

List of books by Mickey Spillane

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Mickey Spillane. If we missed any be sure to let us know in comments of via the Contact Us.

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