Michelle Pillow-The Playfull Prince’s Top 10 Popular and Famous Quotes

Ten of My Favourite  Michelle Pillow-The Playfull Prince Quotes 

 Michelle Pillow-The Playfull Prince, a writer whom I am guessing you love? Here are our 10 best  Michelle Pillow-The Playfull Prince quotes for you to enjoy. At Australia Unwrapped we believe every book has at least one quotable line, and our mission is to find them all. Here you will find  Michelle Pillow-The Playfull Prince’s top 10 popular and famous quotes. Like every good writer  Michelle Pillow-The Playfull Prince made a number of memorable quotes, here are some of our favourites: 

Popular Quotes

“Sometimes, they just make coffee cups too small.”
― Michelle M. Pillow

 “Wait, I’m not done.. We didn’t have a stuffed bear. And, since I’m not even sure what sort of beast a teddy bear is or where one would find it, I brought you a stuffed baldric instead. It will have to suffice.” -Prince Quinn”
― Michelle M. Pillow, The Playful Prince

“People should know better than to be an ass in front of writers. We immortalize things. Lots of things. And we take liberties with character descriptions.”
― Michelle M. Pillow

“I think people need hope when times are tough. I think they also need escape and adventure and fantasy. Books are like cheap mini vacations.”
― Michelle M. Pillow

 “I confess… if I typo a Facebook post I will edit it. I know it’s only Facebook but it’s an editing sickness.”
― Michelle M. Pillow

 “They say love is blind, but in your case I’m assuming it’s also deaf, dumb, and completely brain dead.”
― Michelle Pillow-The Playfull Prince

“The web is a dangerous place for a mind begging to slack off and be distracted by nonsense.”
― Michelle M. Pillow

 “Out of all the things I do, I think being a mom is the most important and satisfying.”
― Michelle M. Pillow

“Chocolate is medicinal. I just did another study that confirms it.”
― Michelle M. Pillow

“Life is too short to dwell in the negativity all the time.”
― Michelle M. Pillow

10 Famous Quotes by Author  Michelle Pillow-The Playfull Prince

Quotes for all, here you found our selection of 10  Michelle Pillow-The Playfull Prince quotes. Make sure you help by commenting your best  Michelle Pillow-The Playfull Prince quote below and sharing our favourite authors so we can look them up, read some of their works and give you the best quotes we can find. We hope you enjoyed our top 10 quotes by  Michelle Pillow-The Playfull Prince. However, feel free to comment below if you disagree or would like to include some other great and memorable  Michelle Pillow-The Playfull Prince quotes in our list. 

One Final Bonus – Michelle Pillow-The Playfull Prince Quote 

“People who make snide comments to authors like “anyone can write a book” or “well, you did it, so obviously I can/it can’t be that hard” or poke at a book because it’s “romance” or “genre fiction” and act like that somehow makes it substandard because they don’t read it… well, ok, go ahead. Write a bestseller. Don’t forget to go through the correct edit process. We’ll wait.”― Michelle M. Pillow

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