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List of books by Michelle M. Pillow

List of Books by Michelle M. Pillow with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Michelle M. Pillow. Find my selection in date order of Michelle M. Pillow’s novels.

Michelle M. Pillow List of Books to Read

Matthews Sisters Books

Fierce Competition            (2005)          

Opposites Attract   (2005)          

Bit by the Bug          (2006)          

Along for the Ride  (2007)          

Recipe for Disaster (2008)          

Degrees of Passion            (2008)          

Dragon Lords Books

The Barbarian Prince        (2005)          

The Perfect Prince (2005)          

The Dark Prince      (2006)          

he Warrior Prince  (2006)          

His Highness the Duke      (2012)          

The Stubborn Lord            (2013)          

The Reluctant Lord            (2013)          

The Impatient Lord            (2014)          

The Dragon’s Queen         (2014)          

Tribes Of The Vampire Books

The Jaded Hunter   (2005)          

Eternally Bound      (2006)          

Redeemer of the Shadows          (2012)          

Lords Of The Var Books

The Savage King     (2006)          

The Playful Prince  (2006)          

The Bound Prince   (2006)          

The Rogue Prince   (2011)          

The Pirate Prince    (2011)          

Lords Of The Abyss Books

The Mighty Hunter            (2006)          

Commanding the Tides     (2010)          

Captive of the Deep           (2010)          

Surrender to the Sea         (2016)          

Making Waves        (2018)          

The Merman King  (2018)          

Realm Immortal Books

King of the Unblessed       (2006)          

Faery Queen            (2006)          

Stone Queen           (2007)          

Zhang Dynasty Books

Seduction of the Phoenix (2006)          

Temptation of the Butterfly        (2007)          

Call Of The Lycan Books

Call of Sea     (2011)          

Call of Untamed      (2011)          

Call of Temptation (2011)          

Divinity Warriors Books

Lilith Enraptured    (2009)          

Fighting Lady Jayne           (2012)          

Keeping Paige          (2012)          

Taking Karre            (2012)          

Ghost Cats Books

Animal Instinct        (2010)          

Carnal Instinct         (2011)          

Naughty Cupid Books

Cupid’s Enchantment        (2010)          

Cupid’s Revenge     (2010)          

Cupid’s Favor          (2010)          

Galaxy Playmates Books

Sapphire       (2010)          

Quartz           (2010)          

Diamond       (2010)          

Xena   (2010)          

M&M Presents Books

Christmas Curse      (2011)          

A Midnight Seduction       (2012)          

Space Lords Books

His Frost Maiden    (2011)          

His Fire Maiden       (2016)          

His Metal Maiden   (2016)          

His Earth Maiden    (2018)          

Pleasure Cruise Books

Pleasure Cruise       (2012)          

Divinity Healers Books

Ariella’s Keeper       (2013)          

Seducing Cecilia      (2013)          

Linnea’s Arrangement      (2013)          

Captured By A Dragon-Shifter Books

Determined Prince            (2014)          

Rebellious Prince    (2015)          

Stranded with the Cajun  (2015)          

Hunted by the Dragon      (2016)          

Mischievous Prince            (2017)          

Headstrong Prince (2017)          

Warlocks MacGregor Books

Love Potions            (2014)          

Spellbound   (2015)          

Stirring Up Trouble            (2015)          

Cauldrons and Confessions         (2017)          

Spirits and Spells    (2018)          

Kisses and Curses   (2018)          

Seize The Hunter Books

Falcon’s Mate          (2015)          

Galaxy Alien Mail Order Brides Books

Spark (2016)          

Flame (2016)          

Blaze  (2016)          

Ice       (2018)          

Frost  (2018)          

Snow (2019)          

(Un)Lucky Valley Books

Better Haunts and Garden Gnomes      (2018)          

Standalone Novels

Emerald Knight       (2006)          

The Mists of Midnight       (2011)          

Maiden and the Monster (2012)          

Lord of Fire, Lady of Ice   (2013)          

Blaze  (2016)          

Forget Me Not        (2016)          

Short Stories/Novellas

Taming Him (2007)          

Mountain’s Captive           (2010)          

Silk      (2010)          

Phantom of the Night       (2011)          

Romancing the Recluse    (2011)          

Scorched Destiny   (2011)          

Stolen Hours            (2013)          

Arrested Desires     (2013)          

Faire Justice (2013)          

Good with His Hands        (2013)          

Last Man on Earth  (2013)          

Everlastingly            (2014)          

Rings of Gold           (2014)          

Short Story Collections

Ghost Cats    (2005)          

Talons            (2006)          

Phoenix Rising I       (2006)          

Stop Dragon My Heart Around  (2007)          

Red Light Specialists          (2008)          

Prisoner of Love     (2009)          

Portrait of His Obsession (2010)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

List of books by Michelle M. Pillow

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Michelle M. Pillow. If we missed any be sure to let us know in comments of via the Contact Us.

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