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List of books by Michael G. Thomas

List of Books by Michael G. Thomas with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Michael G. Thomas. Find my selection in date order of Michael G. Thomas’s novels.

Michael G. Thomas List of Books to Read


Zombie Dawn Books

Outbreak      (2010)          

Exodus           (2010)          

Apocalypse  (2011)          

Star Crusades Uprising Books

Siege of Titan           (2011)          

Tears of Kerberos   (2011)          

Fires of Prometheus          (2011)          

Battle for Proxima  (2011)          

Fall of Terra Nova  (2011)          

Slaves of Hyperion (2012)          

Star Crusades Nexus Books

Legions of Orion     (2012)          

Machine Gods         (2012)          

Heroes of Helios     (2012)          

The Great Betrayal (2014)          

Prophecy of Fire     (2014)          

Call to Arms (2014)          

Battle for Helios      (2014)          

Wrath of the Gods (2014)          

The Black Rift           (2014)          

Star Legions aka Black Legion Books

Gates of Cilicia aka Battle for Cilicia      (2012)          

Assault on Khorram           (2012)          

Warlords of Cunaxa          (2012)          

Last Stand     (2014)          

Sea of Fire    (2014)          

The Eternal Fortress          (2014)          

Vengeance   (2015)          

Star Crusades : Mercenaries Books

Lords of War           (2014)          

Ghost Soldiers         (2014)          

Flames of War         (2015)          

Battle for Karnak    (2016)          

War Zone     (2016)          

Empires at War       (2017)          

Star Crusader Books

Hero of the Alliance           (2015)          

Knighthawk Squadron      (2015)          

Operation Hellfire  (2015)          

Battleship Furiosa  (2015)          

Battle Fleet Victorious       (2016)          

Siege of Kalar          (2016)          

Legends of Orion    (2017)          

Dreadnought           (2017)          

Black Widows Books

Black Widows: Episode 1 (2016)          

Black Widows: Episode 2 (2016)          

Black Widows: Episode 3 (2016)          

Black Widows: Episode 4 (2016)          

Black Widows: Episode 5 (2016)          

Black Widows: Episode 6 (2016)          

Lifers Books

Last Life         (2016)          

Soldiers of Tomorrow Books

Iron Legions (2017)          

The Winter War      (2017)          

Star Crusader : Black Widows Season 2 Books

Black Widows: Season 2: Episode 1      (2017)          

Black Widows: Season 2: Episode 2      (2017)          

Black Widows: Season 2: Episode 3      (2017)          

Black Widows: Season 2: Episode 4      (2017)          

Black Widows: Season 2: Episode 5      (2017)          

Black Widows: Season 2: Episode 6      (2017)          

Mirror Empires Books

Sky Lords of Khartoum     (2018)          

Standalone Novels

Zompoc         (2009)          

Night of the Nazi Zombies           (2010)          

Champions of the Apocalypse    (2011)          

A Zombie Christmas Carol           (2011)          

Non-Fiction Books

The Fighting Man’s Guide to German Longsword Combat            (2007)                                                          

List of books by Michael G. Thomas

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Michael G. Thomas. If we missed any be sure to let us know in comments of via the Contact Us.

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