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Ten of My Favourite Michael Farris Smith Quotes 

Quotes, who doesn’t love a good quote? This series of articles we look at Top 10 Famous Quotes by Author Michael Farris Smith, author quotes are always a challenge and fun to pick, with Michael Farris Smith you will find my Ten favourites of Michael Farris Smith’s quotes. 

Popular Quotes

“Do you have faith? Yes. Then you are healed.”
― Michael Farris Smith, The Hands of Strangers

 “In the next hour, as he lay dying, he thought only of that moment of serenity, kneeling next to the church where he had been a boy before he grew into a man and realized the clarity of strength, his knees damp in the wet ground and in his palm the blue and red and purple glass.

As he lay dying, his flesh ripped like fabric, his blood flowing freely like the rain that came so often, he thought only of those beautiful shards of glass and the weight that they carried, and he found it difficult to comprehend that while he held those small holy things, how something so big and so powerful and so violent could have been so silent as it crept up behind him.”
― Michael Farris Smith

“She fell asleep quickly then, as if what she had to say emptied her, and afterward he would lie there and listen to the music and the voices coming from the square below, the yelling and the breaking bottles and the wild laughter, and he wondered if this was what we would all become if given the opportunity. If what they had seen below would ultimately win when it was all broken down. He imagined a world where there was nothing to rule but man’s own instinct and desire and wondered would that make us better or worse.”
― Michael Farris Smith, Rivers

 “Tomorrow you and them will set out for the end of your lives and I’ll be here. The one who gave and would keep on giving if you’d let me. But you don’t want to let me. You and them are going to walk through the valley but you’ll have no shepherd. You’ll have no answers. And you’ll kill the babies. And you’ll die. You ain’t no healer, no more than I am, but I can give more than you.”
― Michael Farris Smith, Rivers

 “And it was then that Cohen began to feel the weight of the others in this house on this dot on the map below the Line. He had always been aware that he wasn’t the only one who had lost, but the losses for others seemed different to him, more true and exact, now that the losses of others had eyes and faces and arms and legs.”
― Michael Farris Smith, Rivers

 “Men down here aren’t like the men you think of,” he said. “Men down here will probably hurt a bunch of women before they’ll hurt anything else. I don’t figure nobody ever hurt anything without knowing they could hurt it first. That’s the way it is and probably the way it’s always been.”
― Michael Farris Smith, Rivers

“I know what you’re walking around with. Got the rooms boarded up like you can lock the ghosts away but they only seep under the doors. Seep between the cracks in the walls and live right there with you. I saw your place. Saw what you tried boarding up.”
― Michael Farris Smith, Rivers

 “It had been raining for weeks. Maybe months. He had forgotten the last day that it hadn’t rained, when the storms gave way to the pale blue of the Gulf sky, when the birds flew and the clouds were white and sunshine glistened across the drenched land.”
― Michael Farris Smith, Rivers

“The Line don’t do nothing but point fingers,” the man continued. He sat with his legs crossed and his arms folded. “It tells us some people are all right. Some people ain’t.”
― Michael Farris Smith, Rivers

“How could you imagine the complexities of what might come?”
― Michael Farris Smith, Desperation Road

10 Famous Quotes by Author Michael Farris Smith

So there you have it my Ten favourite quotes by Michael Farris Smith, please comment below and share your favourite quotes by the fantastic author Michael Farris Smith.  Furthermore, if you find any Authors not covered for there, top 10 quotes let me know and I will review their works and find some of their best quotes as has been done here for Michael Farris Smith. 

One Final Bonus – Michael Farris Smith Quote 

“He could never get used to sitting next to men who sang the hymns of love and forgiveness knowing what they’d done and knowing they were getting their redemption. Taking advantage of grace while those they had done it to were probably up at night walking back and forth across worn carpet or fumbling in the medicine cabinet searching for the pills to help them sleep. He didn’t like the part of the service when these same men left their seats and stood at the pulpit and gave testimony. It was the same story over and over. Yes, I raped. Yes, I took another life. Yes, I stole. Yes, I raised a fist to my fellow man. But now I have found the love of God. Now I can see the light. Now I am found and on and on to a smattering of amens and hallelujahs and praise the Lords until Russell couldn’t take it anymore and so he gave up. He didn’t believe it worked that way and if it did then something didn’t seem right.”

― Michael Farris Smith, Desperation Road

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