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Quotes, who doesn’t love a good quote? This series of articles we look at Top 10 Famous Quotes by Author Mette Ivie Harrison, author quotes are always a challenge and fun to pick, with Mette Ivie Harrison you will find my Ten favorites of Mette Ivie Harrison’s quotes. 

About Mette Ivie Harrison

“Metty” is pronounced the same as my mom’s name, “Betty.” It is a Danish name, and we were all named after ancestors. I guess by the time they got to number nine (out of eleven), things got tricky. I got the funny Danish name everyone couldn’t pronounce. Denmark uses the word “meta” instead of “metaphysical.” Meta means “pearl” in Greek. And no, it’s not a shortening. It’s not even Mediterranean.

In 1999 I was accepted for publication of my first book, THE MONSTER IN ME, which was published in 2002. I published my second book, MIRA, MIRROR, in 2004. In 2007, the latest book, THE PRINCESS AND THE HOUND, was published. The sequel, THE PRINCESS AND THE BEAR, was released in April 2009.

Twitter: metteharrison
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Mystery

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Popular Quotes

“Be classy, if you must say anything at all. I think silence is very classy.”
― Mette Ivie Harrison

 “Your name?” George asked him directly. He had probably seen the man a dozen times before yet did not know anything about him. King Davit would have no doubt have known half the man’s history already.
George took Henry’s hand firmly in his own and looked into his eyes. This had to be done delicately, to make sure this Henry did not think him a fool. He tried to think of how his father would do it.
“Thank you, Henry, for your concern. It is a comfort to know I am so well guarded. I will make sure to praise you when next I speak to the lord general. But for now I think there is no need to worry.”
― Mette Ivie Harrison, The Princess and the Hound

“George was full of hatred. Of his own weakness and stupidity, of his magic, of the stubbornness and the pride of Beatrice and Marit, and, last of all, hatred of Dr. Gharn, who had started it all.
But the hatred swayed to pity. Then to hopelessness. Then back to anger.
Every once in a great while, he felt a moment of peace, usually when he caught a glimpse of Beatrice and Marit together.
He loved them both in different ways. But that could not be.
He turned away, and the cycle began again.”
― Mette Ivie Harrison, The Princess and the Hound

 “Mormons have to have absurdly high standards. Other people try not to drink to excess. Mormons refuse to drink at all. Other people cut back on their coffee at Lent. Mormons drink neither coffee nor tea, ever, and I know plenty of Mormons who think it is wrong to drink hot chocolate, or herbal tea, or decaffeinated coffee. Or anything that could be mistaken for tea at a casual glance. Or anything coffee-flavored. Or rum-flavored. Or even vanilla extract.”
― Mette Ivie Harrison, The Bishop’s Wife

 “George stared at the dove. What would she say if she could speak to him? What would she wish for, for her father? For she, too, had been harmed by a man who had meant to show his utmost love for her.
It made George wonder why love was suppose to be such a wonderful thing. As far as he could tell, love was just another excuse for causing pain.”
― Mette Ivie Harrison, The Princess and the Hound

 “Ugly and ungainly. The least dependable creature you ever met. Just when you think you understand her, she changes. If only I had a son,” he said bitterly.
Over and over he disparaged her, and George would have thought that Beatrice would be so used to it, she could not be hurt further. But he saw her neck grow stiffer and stiffer.”
― Mette Ivie Harrison, The Princess and the Hound

“George put his hand on top of Beatrice’s and felt the warmth of both the woman and her hound pulsing through his fingers. “Just because your father does not see your victory does not mean that it is none,” he said softly.”
― Mette Ivie Harrison, The Princess and the Hound

 “A story is not always a lie,” said Tristan. “Some stories are truer than truth.”
Truer than truth? That sounded like something liars made up to tell people who found them out.”
― Mette Ivie Harrison, Tris & Izzie

“You will find yourself, as he did. But that will not mean it is easy. There are few things easy in life that are worth the doing.”
― Mette Ivie Harrison, The Princess and the Hound

“My point is that when you fall in love it’s with a real person with flaws. Not with a perfect character from a fairy tale.”
― Mette Ivie Harrison, Tris & Izzie

10 Famous Quotes by Author Mette Ivie Harrison

So there you have it my Ten favorite quotes by Mette Ivie Harrison, please comment below and share your favorite quotes by the fantastic author Mette Ivie Harrison.  Furthermore, if you find any Authors not covered for there, top 10 quotes let me know and I will review their works and find some of their best quotes as has been done here for Mette Ivie Harrison. 

One Final Bonus – Mette Ivie Harrison Quote 

“A nod at Beatrice who held absolutely still. “She said she would come with me. She insisted on it. She stamped her little foot at me.”
He pointed down to her toes as if she were a child yet.
Then he straightened his shoulders. “But I sent her back to the nursery, where she belonged, and told her to play with her dolls instead. As everyone knows, a female on a hunt is a distraction at best and bad luck at worse.”

Which explained why Beatrice went into the woods with her hound alone, George thought. She looked now as though she had gone to some other place where she could not hear her father’s words and thus could not be hurt by them. George wondered how often she was forced to go to that place.

Did King Helm not see how much she was like him? It seemed she was rejected for any sign of femininity yet also rejected for not showing enough femininity, How could she win?”

― Mette Ivie Harrison, The Princess and the Hound

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