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YIRRAMBOI Festival – City of Melbourne

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots. ”  said Marcus Garvey and the people of Australia are in full agreement with Marcus. For them too, their old culture and traditions are a matter of pride and hence, the total population of Australia is deeply rooted to its culture and traditions.

The Aboriginal culture of Australia has been quite rich and vibrant. The Aboriginals were blessed with an artistic approach. This is quite evident with the rock art that we see at many sites in Australia. Not only rock art, the Aboriginal music too, was super melodious and the Australians of this generation too, love the Aboriginal art and music. They feel an extreme sense of pride to showcase their past culture and let the world know about it. Hence, they celebrate many Aboriginal events and festivals throughout the calendar at various locations in the subcontinent.

The Melbourne Indigenous Art Festival is one of these Aboriginal art festivals. It is an eleven day festival celebrated in Melbourne. It attracts many tourists from across the world that come specially to witness the Aboriginal Australia that Australians recreate during the Melbourne Indigenous Art Festival.

When :

The festival is celebrated in the month of February every year.

Where :

The City Of Melbourne is the prime location of the Melbourne Indigenous Art Festival.

Major Attractions Melbourne Indigenous Art Festival:

The Melbourne Indigenous Art Festival is an eleven day extravaganza that features many events that introduce everyone to the Indigenous culture of Australia. The events lineup includes opera, theatre, music, visual art, cabaret, dance, spoken word, conversations and much more. Many upcoming as well as established artists become a part of this celebration of art and culture. The major attractions of this festival include:

  • A cultural gathering called Koorioboree. This gathering is a great way to understand the Indigenous Australia.
  • The Heritage Walks into Boonerwrung, Wurundjeri, Taungurung, the Wathaurung and Dja wurrung. These walks are also the path that leads to the Aboriginal Australia.
  • A line- up of phenomenal singers that sweep every listener off his or her feet.
  • Cabaret; do I need to say more?
  • Amazing theatre performances that take the breath away. Watching the theatre performances is an altogether different experience.
  • Conversations, where many eminent writers, poets, songwriters, scriptwriters, rappers, etc, talk about their work and Australia.
  • Amazing films are also showcased at this festival.
  • The Opera is not at all a thing to miss out.

The Melbourne Indigenous Art Festival is a larger than life celebration of Indigenous Australia. If you want to take a closer look at what Australia looked like generations ago, do visit the Melbourne Indigenous Art Festival.

In the year 2016 too, the streets of Melbourne will come alive during the Melbourne Indigenous Art Festival in the month of February. This year too, this art and cultural fest will showcase extraordinary talent and will be a lot more fun. So, book your tickets now and have a date with the Indigenous Australia.

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