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List of books by Megan Hart

List of Books by Megan Hart with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Megan Hart. Find my selection in date order of Megan Hart’s novels.

Megan Hart List of Books to Read

Bad at Love Books

Wanna Be Yours     (2018)          

Resurrection Trilogy Books

First Come the Storms      (2018)          

And Then the Infection     (2018)          

And After That…Resurrection    (2018)          

Exaltation Of Larks Books

An Exaltation of Larks       (2002)          

A Siege of Herons   (2005)          

New City Books

Passion Model         (2003)          

Driven           (2004)          

Blue Silver Books

Nothing Like Sun    (2007)          

Dan & Elle Books

Dirty   (2007)          

Reason Enough       (2008)          

Order Of Solace Books

Pleasure and Purpose       (2009)          

No Greater Pleasure          (2009)          

Selfish is the Heart (2010)          

Virtue and Vice       (2011)          

Kate & Leah Books

Taking Care of Business    (2009)          

No Reservations     (2009)          

Grimearth Short Stories

A Dream Upon Waking    (2011)          

Trial by Fire  (2011)          

Resurrected Short Stories

The Resurrected: Part One          (2011)          

The Resurrected: Part Two          (2011)          

The Resurrected: Part Three       (2011)          

The Resurrected: Part Four         (2011)          

The Resurrected: Part Five          (2012)          

The Resurrected: Part Six (2012)          

The Resurrected: Part Seven      (2012)          

The Resurrected: Part Eight        (2012)          

The Resurrected: Part Nine         (2012)          

Morningstar Books

Ride with the Devil (2013)          

Dance with the Devil         (2016)          

Quarry Road Books

All the Lies We Tell (2017)          

All the Secrets We Keep   (2017)          

On the Night She Died      (2018)          

Protector Books

Dangerous Promise           (2018)          

Wicked Attraction  (2018)          

Forbidden Stranger           (2018)          

Standalone Novels

Nothing in Common          (2002)          

Riverboat Bride       (2003)          

Lonesome Bride      (2003)          

Convicted     (2003)          

Love Match  (2004)          

Always You  (2005)          

Broken          (2007)          

Bachelor Number Four     (2007)          

Friendly Fire            (2008)          

Tempted       (2008)          

Deeper          (2009)          

Naked            (2010)          

Each Step Like Knives        (2010)          

Switch           (2010)          

Stumble Into Love  (2010)          

Collide           (2011)          

Beneath the Veil     (2011)          

All Fall Down           (2011)          

Precious and Fragile Things         (2011)          

Seeking Eden           (2012)          

The Space Between Us     (2012)          

The Favor     (2013)          

The Darkest Embrace        (2013)          

Tear You Apart        (2013)          

Every Part of You   (2013)          

Flying (2014)          

Lovely Wild  (2014)          

Vanilla           (2015)          

Don’t Deny Me       (2015)          

Perfectly Reckless  (2015)          

Clearwater   (2015)          

Hold Me Close         (2015)          

Little Secrets            (2016)          

Beg for It       (2016)          

Blood Born   (2018)          

Black Wings (2019)          

Short Stories

Gilt and Midnight: An Erotic Fairy Tale            (2007)          

This is What I Want            (2007)          

Moonlight Madness          (2008)          

Layover         (2008)          

Newly Fallen            (2009)          

Everything Changes           (2010)          

The Challenge          (2010)          

Unwrapped (2010)          

Amidst a Crowd of Stairs (2010)          

Castle in the Sand   (2010)          

Monster in the Closet        (2010)          

Seeing Stars (2011)          

Tithed            (2011)          

Indecent Experiment         (2011)          

Out of the Dark      (2011)          

Reawakened Passions       (2012)          

Get There     (2013)          

Dream a Little Dream        (2014)          

Crossing the Line    (2014)          

Drowning on Dry Land     (2016)          

Everything Counts (2017)          

Moments of Disarray        (2018)          

Taking the Leap      (2018)          

Short Story Collections

From Distant Shores         (2004)          

Unexpected (2006)          

Wish List       (2006)          

Sex at Work Bundle           (2008)          

A Red Hot Valentine’s Day           (2009)          

Skewed Universe   (2009)          

Skewed Universe II            (2010)          

After Class & All You Can Eat       (2010)          

Feel Like Making Love       (2010)          

Pot of Gold & Emerald Isle          (2010)          

Naughty and Nice  (2010)          

Three to Tango       (2011)          

Naughty Bits            (2012)          

Hot and Haunted   (2012)          

Undone         (2012)          

Megan Hart: An Erotic Collection Volume 1   (2013)          

Megan Hart: An Erotic Collection Volume 2   (2013)          

Captivated    (2014)          

Burning Bright: Four Chanukah Love Stories (2015)          

Bound by the Night           (2016)          

The Devil’s Doorbell          (2016)                                  

List of books by Megan Hart

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Megan Hart. If we missed any be sure to let us know in comments of via the Contact Us.

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