Take a Moment but Keep Moving – Day 123

Max Ignatius Atlas Year Of Change Day 123

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As I awoke to a beautiful morning today, I began to reflect on what the new day means to me. I love the feeling that, no matter what transpired yesterday, we all get a chance to make a fresh start. Mornings are ripe with potential, with expectation, with renewal, and basking in all of this feels remarkably human. I’ve been appreciating my mornings for a while now, but today I was able to find the right words to describe how I feel about them. All in all, the morning makes me want to really set out and claim the day.

Today I had a TON of housework that needed doing, so I was surprised when I was able to complete it all in a reasonable amount of time. I guess I was just really focused on putting forth a great effort, much like I do when I’m trying to get a good workout in. It definitely helps that I actually have the energy to get things done quickly, but my revamped mentality when it comes to chores (and all work in general) also deserves a lot of credit here. Even 10 minutes of hard work is worth much more than an entire day of lackluster effort.

Daily Image Year of Change Day 123 #YOC

I’m steadily becoming ever more confident in my physique.

Max Ignatius Atlas Year Of Change Day 123
Daily Image Year of Change Day 123 #YOC

For tonight’s dinner, I tried making another vegan meal, and thankfully I enjoyed it a lot more than the last one. No matter how you cut it, a vegan diet is simply healthier and more environmentally friendly, which aligns perfectly with what I’m trying to achieve with my lifestyle. Unfortunately, a vegan diet aligns very poorly with my food preferences! Incorporating a little bit of veganism into my diet will be a challenge, but I’m sure the results will be well worth it.

Body transformation in 12 months from fat to fit  day 123

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Geo Life Meal Plan for Day 123

I’m getting better and better at preparing veggies.

Geo Diet Day 123 Plan
BreakfastChocolate Protein Shake (191 cal)
DinnerMixed Salad
Red Onion
SupperHello Sunshine
SnackProtein-Packed Chia Smoothie
Daily Meal Plan Geo Lifestyle Day 108

Year of Change 
Max Ignatius Atlas 
Change Perception
Change Life

Daily Geo Lifestyle Planner Day 123

With all of my housework done, I’ll be able to rest easy for a change,

Accountability CalendarHourly Update
.30 –
.30Woke for pee
.30 –
05:0005:15 Wake
Clothes ready to go
.30 Light jog for 60 minutes
07:00Commute Listen to
guided part of the science of money
.30 Light exercise car park
.30 –
.30 –
.30 –
.30 –
.30 –
.30 –
.30 –
10 Minute walk after the meal
.30 Work
.30 –
.30 –
18:00Work – Start Commute Home 17:45
.30Quick wash
Change of clothes
Change bed linens
19:00General duties in the home
.30House work
20:00Eat evening meal
.30Played the card game Rummy
21:00Start Blog for today
.30 Supper
Read about relaxation
23:00Work on Motivational Speech
.30Final blog checks and
house check + Packed lunch
Daily Geo Lifestyle Planner Day 123

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Daily Exercise Planner Day 123 Geo Life Year of Change

It was pretty hot today, so I made sure to hydrate a lot during my workout.

Thursday Exercise Routine  Notes  
Walking  90 Minutes
Isometric Exercises 
Thursday Routine 
Thursday Year of Change Routine

Quote of the Day

“It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect its successful outcome.” – William James


I’m glad that I had another successful day. Life just feels so much more fulfilling when you’re able to improve each day, even if it’s only something small.

Day 123 of the Year of Change Wrap Up

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Max Ignatius Atlas Year Of Change Day 123

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