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List of books by Max Allan Collins

List of Books by Max Allan Collins with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Max Allan Collins. Find my selection in date order of Max Allan Collins’s novels.

Max Allan Collins List of Books to Read

Fangoria Dreadtime Stories Books

A Good Head on His Shoulders  (1993)          

Reincarnal    (1994)          

Wolf   (1995)          

Mercy            (2018)          

Nolan Books

Bait Money  (1973)          

Blood Money           (1973)          

Fly Paper      (1981)          

Hush Money            (1981)          

Hard Cash     (1981)          

Scratch Fever          (1982)          

Spree (1987)          

Mourn the Living (1st chronologically)            (1988)          

Quarry Books

Quarry          (1976)          

Quarry’s Deal          (1976)          

Quarry’s List            (1976)          

Quarry’s Cut            (1977)          

Primary Target        (1987)          

The Last Quarry      (2006)          

The First Quarry     (2008)          

Quarry in the Middle        (2009)          

Quarry’s Ex  (2010)          

The Wrong Quarry            (2014)          

Quarry’s Choice      (2015)          

Quarry in the Black            (2016)          

Quarry’s Climax      (2017)          

Killing Quarry          (2019)          

Quarry Collections

Quarry’s Greatest Hits      (2003)          

Mallory Books

The Baby Blue Rip-Off       (1983)          

No Cure for Death (1983)          

Kill Your Darlings    (1984)          

A Shroud for Aquarius      (1985)          

Nice Weekend for a Murder       (1986)          

Nathan Heller Books

True Detective        (1983)          

True Crime   (1984)          

The Million-Dollar Wound           (1986)          

Neon Mirage           (1988)          

Stolen Away            (1991)          

Carnal Hours           (1994)          

Blood and Thunder            (1995)          

Damned in Paradise          (1996)          

Flying Blind  (1998)          

Majic Man    (1999)          

Angel in Black          (2001)          

Chicago Confidential         (2002)          

Bye Bye, Baby         (2011)          

Target Lancer          (2012)          

Ask Not         (2013)          

Better Dead (2016)          

Do No Harm            (2020)          

Nathan Heller Collections

Dying in the Post-War World     (1991)          

Chicago Lightning   (2011)          

Triple Play    (2012)          

Eliot Ness Books

The Dark City           (1987)          

Butcher’s Dozen     (1987)          

Bullet Proof  (1988)          

Murder by the Numbers  (1989)          

Dick Tracy Books

Dick Tracy and the Nightmare Machine          (1991)          

Dick Tracy Goes to War    (1991)          

Dick Tracy Meets His Match        (1992)          

Mommy Books

Mommy        (1996)          

Mommy’s Day         (1998)          

Road To Perdition Books

Road to Purgatory (2004)          

Road to Paradise    (2005)          

Mummy Books

The Mummy            (1998)          

The Mummy Returns        (2001)          

The Scorpion King  (2002)          

Tomb of the Dragon Emperor    (2008)          

Disaster Books

The Titanic Murders          (1999)          

The Hindenburg Murders            (2000)          

The Pearl Harbor Murders          (2001)          

The Lusitania Murders      (2002)          

The London Blitz Murders           (2004)          

The War of the World’s Murder            (2005)          

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Books

Double Dealer         (2001)          

Sin City          (2002)          

Cold Burn     (2003)          

Body of Evidence   (2003)          

Grave Matters         (2004)          

Binding Ties  (2005)          

Killing Game (2005)          

Snake Eyes   (2006)          

Dark Angel Books

Before the Dawn    (2002)          

Skin Game    (2003)          

After the Dark         (2003)          

CSI: Miami Books

Florida Getaway     (2003)          

Heat Wave   (2004)          

Bones Books

Buried Deep (2006)          

Jackie & Maggie Starr Books

A Killing in Comics  (2007)          

Strip For Murder    (2008)          

Seduction of the Innocent           (2013)          

Criminal Minds Books

Jump Cut      (2007)          

Killer Profile (2008)          

Finishing School      (2008)          

Mike Hammer Books

The Goliath Bone    (2008)          

Kiss Her Goodbye   (2009)          

The Big Bang            (2010)          

Lady, Go Die!           (2012)          

Complex 90  (2013)          

King of the Weeds  (2014)          

Kill Me, Darling       (2015)          

Murder Never Knocks      (2016)          

A Long Time Dead  (2016)          

The Will to Kill         (2017)          

Killing Town (2018)          

Murder, My Love   (2019)          

Masquerade for Murder  (2020)          

Mike Hammer Short Stories

Skin    (2012)          

G.I. Joe Books

Above and Beyond            (2009)          

The Rise of Cobra   (2009)          

You Can’t Stop Me Books

You Can’t Stop Me (2010)          

No One Will Hear You       (2011)          

Reeder & Rogers Books

Supreme Justice     (2014)          

Fate of the Union   (2015)          

Executive Order      (2017)          

Caleb York Books

The Legend of Caleb York            (2015)          

The Big Showdown            (2016)          

The Bloody Spur     (2018)          

Last Stage to Hell Junction           (2019)          

Hot Lead, Cold Justice       (2020)          

Krista Larson Books

Girl Most Likely       (2019)          

Girl Can’t Help It     (2020)          

Standalone Novels

Midnight Haul         (1986)          

Tough Tender          (1991)          

In the Line of Fire   (1993)          

Maverick      (1994)          

Waterworld (1995)          

NYPD Blue: Blue Beginning          (1995)          

Daylight        (1996)          

Air Force One          (1997)          

Saving Private Ryan           (1998)          

U.S. Marshals          (1998)          

Regeneration           (1999)          

U-571            (2000)          

History of Mystery: Art Fiction   (2001)          

Windtalkers (2001)          

I Spy   (2002)          

Two for the Money           (2004)          

Bombshell    (2004)          

American Gangster            (2007)          

Deadly Beloved       (2007)          

Black Hats     (2007)          

Red Sky in the Morning    (2008)          

X-Files: I Want To Believe (2008)          

The Pink Panther    (2009)          

The Consummata   (2011)          

Flower for the Butcher     (2012)          

Seduction of the Innocent           (2013)          

What Doesn’t Kill Her        (2013)          

USS Powderkeg      (2018)          

Short Stories

Flowers for Bill O’Reilly     (2014)          

Short Story Collections

Kolchak: The Night Stalker Chronicles  (2005)          


Dick Tracy: The Secret Files         (1990)          

Murder is My Business     (1994)          

Vengeance is Hers  (1997)          

Private Eyes (1998)          

A Century of Noir: Thirty-Two Classic Crime Stories            (2002)          

My Lolita Complex and Other Tales of Sex and Violence    (2006)          

Artist Archives Non-Fiction Books

Elvgren Girls I          (1999)          

Elvgren Girls II         (1999)          

Swimsuit Sweeties (1999)          

Varga Girls II            (1999)          

Exotic Ladies            (1999)          

Pirate & Gypsy Girls          (2001)          

Pin-Up Nudes          (2001)          

Seaside Sweethearts         (2001)          

Indian Maidens       (2001)          

Patriotic Pin-Ups    (2002)          

Cowgirl Pin-Ups      (2002)          

Playful Pin-Ups       (2002)          

Pin-Up Nudes II       (2002)          

Non-Fiction Books

The Mystery Scene Movie Guide           (1984)          

Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan           (1998)          

Pin-Up Poster Book: The Billy DeVorss Collection     (1997)          

For the Boys: The Racy Pin-Ups of World War II       (2000)          

Mickey Spillane on Screen           (2012)                                                          

List of books by Max Allan Collins

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Max Allan Collins. If we missed any be sure to let us know in comments of via the Contact Us.

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