Matthew Dunn’s Top 5 Popular and Famous Quotes

Five of My Favourite Matthew Dunn Quotes 

Quotes, who doesn’t love a good quote? This series of articles we look at Top 5 Famous Quotes by Author Matthew Dunn, author quotes are always a challenge and fun to pick, with Matthew Dunn you will find my Five favourites of Matthew Dunn’s quotes. 

Popular Quotes

“You know. Every day’s a blessing.” It was. A piece of shrapnel was lodged inside Arman’s body. One day it would reach his heart and kill him, but the stubborn old warrior refused to have an operation to remove it because he believed the shrapnel made him embrace every moment of being alive.”
― Matthew Dunn, Slingshot

 “Most of the time he rigorously protected his independence and ability to make decisions on his own. But occasionally there were moments when he wished he could walk away and let others go through the anguish of trying to decide the solutions to situations like these. Now”
― Matthew Dunn, Slingshot

“Winston Churchill’s quote: ‘People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to visit violence on those who would harm us.”
― Matthew Dunn, Slingshot

 “But in the right hands, supposition is instinct that out–speeds deductive reasoning.”
― Matthew Dunn, The Spy Whisperer

 “To find the truth and then decide if the truth benefits good people.”
― Matthew Dunn, The Spy Whisperer

5 Famous Quotes by Author Matthew Dunn

So there you have it my Five favourite quotes by Matthew Dunn, please comment below and share your favourite quotes by the fantastic author Matthew Dunn.  Furthermore, if you find any Authors not covered for there, top 5 quotes let me know and I will review their works and find some of their best quotes as has been done here for Matthew Dunn.

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