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List of books by Mary Daheim

List of Books by Mary Daheim with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Mary Daheim. Find my selection in date order of Mary Daheim’s novels.

Mary Daheim List of Books to Read

Bed-And-Breakfast Mysteries Books

Just Desserts            (1991)          

Fowl Prey     (1991)          

Holy Terrors            (1992)          

Dune to Death        (1993)          

Bantam of the Opera        (1993)          

A Fit of Tempera     (1994)          

Major Vices  (1995)          

Murder, My Suite  (1995)          

Auntie Mayhem      (1996)          

Nutty as a Fruitcake          (1996)          

September Mourn (1997)          

Wed and Buried     (1998)          

Snow Place To Die (1998)          

Legs Benedict          (1999)          

Creeps Suzette        (2000)          

A Streetcar Named Expire           (2001)          

Suture Self   (2001)          

Silver Scream          (2002)          

Hocus Croakus        (2003)          

This Old Souse         (2004)          

Dead Man Docking            (2005)          

Saks and Violins      (2006)          

Scots on the Rocks (2007)          

Vi Agra Falls (2008)          

Loco Motive (2009)          

All the Pretty Hearses       (2011)          

The Wurst is Yet to Come (2012)          

Gone with the Win            (2013)          

Clam Wake   (2014)          

Here Comes the Bribe       (2016)          

A Case of Bier          (2017)          


Emma Lord Books

The Alpine Advocate         (1992)          

The Alpine Betrayal           (1993)          

The Alpine Christmas        (1993)          

The Alpine Decoy   (1994)          

The Alpine Escape  (1995)          

The Alpine Fury      (1995)          

The Alpine Gamble            (1996)          

The Alpine Hero      (1996)          

The Alpine Icon       (1997)          

The Alpine Journey            (1998)          

The Alpine Kindred            (1999)          

The Alpine Legacy  (1999)          

The Alpine Menace            (2000)          

The Alpine Nemesis           (2001)          

The Alpine Obituary          (2002)          

The Alpine Pursuit  (2003)          

The Alpine Quilt      (2005)          

The Alpine Recluse (2006)          

The Alpine Scandal            (2007)          

The Alpine Traitor  (2008)          

The Alpine Uproar (2009)          

The Alpine Vengeance      (2010)          

The Alpine Winter  (2011)          

The Alpine Xanadu (2013)          

The Alpine Yeoman            (2014)          

The Alpine Zen        (2015)          

Alpha Alpine            (2017)          

Bitter Alpine (2019)          

Standalone Novels

Love’s Pirate            (1983)          

Destiny’s Pawn       (1984)          

Pride’s Captive        (1986)          

Passion’s Triumph  (1988)          

King’s Ransom         (1990)          

Improbable Eden   (1991)          

Gypsy Baron            (1992)                                                                                  

List of books by Mary Daheim

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Mary Daheim. If we missed any be sure to let us know in comments of via the Contact Us.

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