Marketing Your Business with Custom Outdoor Umbrellas

Marketing Your Business with Custom Outdoor Umbrellas

Promotional materials are key to advertising your brand. Without them you cannot spread the word, can you? You need marketing tools that can keep your customers talking about your business for a long time. When people talk about your brand, your cash register keeps ringing! Custom outdoor umbrellas can serve as one of the best marketing materials out there. Here’s why.

A portable billboard

Take a look at all the other commonly used inexpensive marketing materials. Mugs, keychains, branded garments, ball-pens – there is no end to creativity when it comes to designing promotional materials. But do these materials give you enough space to play with when it comes to branding? This is exactly where the custom outdoor umbrella stands out. 

It gives you a large canvas to print everything about your brand. From bold brand logos to taglines printed in large and fancy fonts, the custom umbrella can accommodate anything. Your brand colours are clearly visible from afar and people can locate your business from a distance. Think of your custom outdoor umbrella as a portable billboard for which you don’t have to pay a dollar in rent.  

A clear message 

Subtleties of branding vary from business to business. Clearly, a banking institution won’t make use of the same branding theme as a café! With promotional materials, what you need foremost is clarity. Your message to your customers needs to be clear, not obscure. People should be able to know what products and/or services you have on offer. 

When you have a large canvas to play with in the form of an outdoor umbrella, you can get really creative without losing out on the clarity of your message. You can use elegant design themes and a wide range of colours to represent your brand. A large canvas area means you can come up with smart taglines without ever worrying about running out of space. 

Something to remember

Weather can be moody and unforgiving at times. A heavy shower or a glaring sun can spoil the mood for potential customers. When you offer them a shade, you offer them a service they will remember forever. Your customers can chill in the cool shade of your printed outdoor umbrellas and appreciate your sense of taste and kindness. Research suggests that some colour shades and patterns have a calming effect on the human mind. Make use of your custom printed umbrellas to attract more and more customers with their hypnotic charm. 

A lasting impression

What good is promotional material, if it doesn’t last long enough to justify its cost? It is your hard-earned money that you are spending on marketing materials. You need the most bang for your buck. Custom outdoor umbrellas can last seasons on end. They can be the vanguard of your brand. 

Built from durable fabric, the canopy of your outdoor commercial umbrella can fend off harmful UV rays with panache. Outdoor umbrella manufacturers offer bespoke printing services to their customers. The colours used don’t fade away in rain or sun. Your brand colours continue to shine through seasons and you don’t have to worry about investing repeatedly year-on-year on the same promotional material. 

The metal frame, pole and stand of the outdoor umbrella are manufactured from lightweight, corrosion resistant alloys so that they don’t bend or flex or develop stress fractures over time. What you are essentially giving your customers is a safe place to hang out. 

Keep your money where it should be!

Custom outdoor umbrellas are extremely cheap and they last really long. With these umbrellas you can cut down on your recurring costs by a fair margin. You don’t have to invest a king’s ransom in building and erecting permanent shades for your growing customer base. 

You may have plans to move to a larger and posher place in the near future. But permanent shades can get in the way of your plans because they are not portable. Besides, they are built to plan and may not go with the architecture of your new place even if you somehow manage to lug them around. This is exactly where the branded outdoor umbrella outshines every other solution and comes across as a blessing. Just fold your umbrellas and carry them to wherever you need them! Simple and smart! 

With the extra money saved, you can focus on other aspects of building your business. 

Amp up your décor

Looks are important when it comes to promoting your business place. No one wants to spend time in a glum and drab space. A custom printed umbrella can brighten things up and give an otherwise dull décor the much needed flair. The positive vibes emanating from a vibrant décor can do a world of good to your business. A lively place is an instant hit with potential customers. 

Do you have a sidewalk that is lying unused? Do you have a backyard or a poolside where you can accommodate customers? Do you have plans for an empty space inside your restaurant but can’t quite figure out how to commercialise it? Give the custom printed umbrella some thought. It can liven up dead-spaces and turn them into revenue generators.  

Custom outdoor umbrellas have been a boon to businesses big and small all around the world. They come with a set of benefits unmatched in the world of branding and brand promotions. Simple, sturdy and cost-effective – the custom printed umbrella is often a game-changer when it comes to boosting business. 

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